6 Alternative YouTube Videos You Must Watch!

A random assortment of YouTube videos designed to aid you in creating a brand new rabbit hole.

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Looking for something to make you laugh or think without having to commit to an entirely new series? Or just fed up of scrolling through the same videos trying to make up your mind? Well, you have come to the right place. Allow me to scratch that itch for you. Below is a random assortment of YouTube videos designed to aid you in creating a brand new rabbit hole!



Canceling – Contrapoints
Transgender YouTuber Natalie Wynn, recently found herself ‘cancelled’, over having Buck Angel do a voice-over on one of her previous videos. Rather than shy away from the controversy – Natalie released this video to give an in-depth analysis of ‘cancel culture’. Where did it come from? Why is it bad? Why is it good? Informative and entertaining. Running Time: 1h 40mins




Data – Philosophy Tube
A ‘black mirror-esque’ video that attempts to explain the concerns around data sharing. A clever video, that informs you through the use of conversation between a bouncer and a punter.   The scene is representing AI learning and adapting to information., which is why it may seem repetitive and difficult to watch. Stick with it. Running Time: 26mins



System Of A Down – Speaking out for Artsakh

“Part of the responsibility with freedom of speech is getting the truth out there.”
Did you know that System Of A Down came back? Do you know why? Let them explain.
Running Time: 5mins 59secs




Trash can sounds like John Coltrane
Does exactly what it says on the tin! Running Time: 4secs (of pure gold.)

 A Reason To Stop Worrying
The title is a little deceiving.  This video can assist in the anxiety, depending on your mindset. If you’re feeling a tad insignificant, maybe stay clear. It ends on a high note, reminding us to remember to laugh at the absurdity of it all.
Running Time: 4mins 18secs


Model Citizen | Dystopian Animated Short Film
I am kind of cheating here, as this is technically part of a mini-series. Super fascinating, really well animated and voiced. If you listen to ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ this is for you. (The creator also has behind the scenes videos of the series on his channel, which is pretty awesome.)
Running Time: 5mins 03secs

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