Wild Tibetan Monks – Lying Next to You

A wonderful indie-rock song from a very talented Dublin trio. Their travels around the world have given them many stories to tell.


‘Lying Next to You’ is the brand new single by Dublin Indie and Alt-Rock band, Wild Tibetan Monks. This trio consists of Seán on bass and vocals, Ringo on guitar, and Liam on drums. After a two-year stay in Perth, Australia, the boys have returned home to write, record and release some new tunes. 

‘Lying Next to You’ begins with a nice slow build-up, adding layer after layer of instruments. Beginning with the bass and vocals, Seán sets the mood and gives off some great indie vibes, straight out of the early 2000s. The bass guitar, while taking a much more prominent lead role in this song, utilises some great restraint in some parts. The song certainly feels like a collaborative piece by the trio, despite the original concept stemming from Seán himself. 

As the tune develops, Ringo can be heard adding some lovely clean licks on the guitar, giving a “dual-lead” relationship between the bass and guitar. The piano comes trickling in to add some lovely ambient accompaniment. The piece slowly becomes fuller and fuller, adding more layers, including some vocal octaves and other subtle harmonies.

A very cool addition can be heard within the drumbeat. Liam seems to vary a lot of the beat based on the hi-hat rhythm alone. It’s super funky and almost improvisational, yet very well performed. Not something expected in an ordinary indie track, but that is what makes Wild Tibetan Monks so unique. There are no constraints, and each member appears to add variety and colour to their respective sections. 

“The song depicts feeling conflicted about what you should say and what you should share. At the end of the song, there’s regret. The narrator knows they should have been honest, should have said how they felt, should have spilled their heart out.”

The piece is an absolute joy to listen to. Everything held within it sounds poppy and indie, but still has that groovy crunch that sounds so well in a song like this. The bitter-sweet themes give off some teenage angst mixed with regret and some reminiscent fun. Almost like a lover reminding themselves of the good old days. It’s a song nearly everyone can relate to.

The conclusion of the song flirts with a subtle crescendo, building up more and more towards the end. The drums change things up again with a marching-band style snare run. It all comes together in a very cool way. As the song comes to its climax, the rug is swept from below the listener, leaving the listener with an unresolved cadence. This is, yet again, not something usually found in an indie track, but all the more reason to love this tune. 

‘Lying Next to You’ will be released on March 12th and will be available on all major platforms. Show the Wild Tibetan Monks some love by following them on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook.

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