Ugly Beautiful – Sunrise

A cool new alt-rock tune with a wonderful story of living in the moment, and enjoying each little thing in life. The accompanying music video is just as vibrant!


The lads in Ugly Beautiful have just released a killer new track called ‘Sunrise’. This indie/alt-rock tune is all about hope, confidence and blasting off into space. With an accompanying animate music video, this project has a lot going for it. 

‘Sunrise’ is a great guitar-based song, with some great performances from all of the musicians. The guitar sound is nice and simple, focusing on creative intervals rather than effects with only some drive and delay; leaving enough space for the bass, drums and vocals to enjoy their thing. 

The track is wonderfully dynamic too, mixing quiet verses with more energetic choruses. Each individual part also shows some dynamicity, especially the drums. Each snare hit seems to fall on a different beat, or off-beat than its previous phase. The kick is also very active and fun. 

Speaking about the meaning behind the song, the band portray it as a story of two people trying to find their way through the world, however relentless, distracting and confusing it may be; a very relevant topic that almost every listener can relate to.  

“It’s a conversation – one person caught in their own thoughts, the other trying to help them get out of it. The chorus is a reminder to live in the moment – to acknowledge what’s happening right now in the present.”

A noticeably enjoyable aspect of Ugly Beautiful, that is very apparent in ‘Sunrise’, are the unique vocals. The timbre and harmonies seem signature to the band. There is a great resonance heard between the harmonic lines and the doubled vocals give that clash that sounds so good. 

On top of the incredible production of the piece of music, Ugly Beautiful have released a music video for this song which drives the point of the story further, using beautiful visual cues. The animated video, created by Aaron Wiley, is visually striking and pushes forward a lot of the themes heard in the song. The video can be seen embedded below. 

In the conclusion of the song, there is a wonderful outro that opens up the musicality of the whole tune, sounding hopeful and energetic, bringing the piece to its beautiful climax. Again, the optimistic ending is supported even further by its companion visualisations that fit like a glove together. 

‘Sunrise’ is a fantastic piece of modern alt-rock that must be listened to as soon as possible. 

Make sure you check out ‘Sunrise’ on Spotify, as well as following Ugly Beautiful on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.


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