Ugly Beautiful – I Care

The darkest dive into the deepest of thoughts. This single leads off the band's brand new EP with a bang!


Ugly Beautiful, the gritty alt-rock/grunge trio from right here in Ireland, return to release their next hard-hitting EP ‘Another Time’.  This release leads off with their brand new single ‘I Care’.

This intense piece of music cracks open with crunchy, 90’s sounding guitar. Dark, ominous and tempting, the main riff certainly hooks the listener. Soon after, we’re greeted to smashing drums and the most fitting, fat bass sound.

One of the best parts of this composition is its origin. After a hiatus spanning years, due to travel and work commitments, the band made use of their free time over lock-down to produce music. The trio, consisting of Kieran Lane, Michal Falender and Mick Gallagher, utilized the time they were given very well. Keeping with the dark theme, the substance of the lyrics lie with introspection. The song focuses on negative thoughts, rabbit holes and the lies we seem to tell ourselves.

“There’s tons of stuff that we’re led to believe that we should care about right now: politics, what’s in the news, what’s popping up on your phone, endless interruptions, notifications that don’t matter… All of these things are trying to make us care about them, but they don’t really matter. Why should we care?”

Every musician is a highlight in this piece. Most notably, the bass guitarist had their work cut out for them. This is a busy bass-line, switching from clean to crunchy in the most suitable of places. Bass can often get lost in the sound with a song like this. The prominence of this bass is very much appreciated, staying rooted yet constantly moving. Most impressively, despite its big presence, the bass does not steal the limelight. 


The musicians and producers all knew exactly what to highlight and what to act as support. The drums are the steady backbone, while adding killer fills. The guitars sound wonderfully punk-rock. Towards the end of the song, the lead guitarist is left a lot of room to rock the fret-board with a melodic solo. Subtle electro sounds can be heard in the background throughout the entire track. Subtle cues, such as the slight phasing on the guitar and the panning of sounds, may be subtle but very effective.

The main vocal hook in the chorus is wonderfully constructed. The layered instruments, along with layered vocal harmonies, create a series of interesting inverted chords that leave the listener hanging to each note. These powerful chords are accompanied by great lyrics “Why do I care?”. Each chorus concludes with a cadence that is very satisfying.

‘I Care’, along with the rest of Ugly Beautiful’s new EP ‘Another Time’ is available right now on the band’s Bandcamp. Follow their Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with all of their releases and news. 

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