Toshín – She

Wondefully accomplished R&B collective thrill with eagerly awaited return.


Toshín are a 6 piece multicultural melting-pot of music, helmed by the formidably talented front-woman Tosín Bankole. In a relatively short time, this dynamic collection of players have developed a reputation for a fire-cracker live set as well as some seriously catchy and impeccably performed songs, inspired by the legends of Soul, R&B and Motown.

Since their foundation in 2016, Toshín have established themselves as firm favourites in the eyes of both critics and revellers. They have earned serious plaudits from the likes of Hotpress and Golden Plec and also become mainstays of the Irish festival scene, wowing the crowds with their stomping sets at Electric Picnic and Body and Soul.

Toshín have proven to be no slouches when it comes to their studio output either with 6 fantastic singles released since their debut double-header ‘Boy Listen’ and ‘We Don’t Share Blood’ in 2017, followed by the exceptional EP ‘Get Your Life’ in February of last year.

Covid 19s disastrous effect on the music scene briefly halted the bands progress but now, after a reshuffle of the band’s lineup, Bankole and company are back. With fresh energy, Toshìn looks to push on into the next phase of their development with their sultry new single ‘She’.

And what a track it is. Truly embodying the neo-soul aesthetic, the listener can honestly hear all the classic staples of R & B music intermingling with each other over the course of the song’s duration. Tosìn herself conjures up fond comparisons with everyone from Ninah Simone to Erykah Badu to Lauren Hill with her all-action performance. She truly is a polished performer and the confidence, that can be plain seen during their live shows, buzzes on the track like crackling kinetic energy. Her delivery of the lyrics is distinct and her diction is clear and even, throughout the various stylistic changes that take place throughout the song.

‘She’s instrumental is wonderfully rendered, as you would expect from such an accomplished group of musicians. However, special praise must be given to the wonderfully placed guitar flourishes that litter the track. From ice-cold licks to electric trills, one cannot help but be reminded of Prince at his most playful epoch.

Toshìns influences are plain to see, but having said that, this band must be celebrated for taking those separate strands and weaving them into something so cohesive. A sound that is all their own.

With this release, Toshín have surpassed the incredibly high mark that they had previously set for themselves. This song glows with all the hallmarks of a breakout success story, not only in Ireland but on the international stage. Simply put, what we have here is a top front-woman, with a top band, producing top material. If that’s not a recipe for success then I don’t know what is.

‘She’ is released to Spotify and all major streaming platforms on January 29th.
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