Tommy Cullen – Put It Down

Take a trip along a melancholic river with this deep and dream-like new single. Chill out and relate.


Tommy Cullen is back again with the brand new, pensive and dream-like single ‘Put It Down’.

Tommy’s social media has seen constant updates on his songwriting techniques and habits. Whether it’s his very own #NewMusicDaily hashtag, or some more casual posts of him chilling and playing, it’s always a treat to see Tommy’s musical initiative. What’s even more inspiring is when the days and weeks of practice and creation come to a head with the release of a new single.

‘Put It Down’ is an even more impressive song to the already stacked repertoire of Tommy Cullen. With a smooth drum machine as the backbone, some perfectly placed harmonies and a steady river flow to the tune, this single is the perfect song to kick it back to and really feel the lyrics.

One of the many impressive aspects of the song is instrument placement. Tommy obviously has a lot of talent and connections to some great musicians. Bassist Cormac Feeley can be heard on this track and he really sets the groove. The bassline is a little busy, but not chaotic, perfectly suited for the song.

Some soft trickles of piano leave a taste of melancholy that really resonate, especially taking the poetic lyrics into consideration. “I remember when you put me down”. Building more and more, the innate melancholic sound of the mellotron creeps in. Even the guitar makes very subtle entrances, melting the whole track together. In fact, the first time the guitar takes a driving seat isn’t until the second verse. 

There is no one element that stands out amongst the others. Each part works harmoniously with the other to create such a beautiful piece. This is the end product of what great teamwork can achieve with the writer, musicians, and the talented hands of Marcus Jay and Ivan Jackman, who mixed and mastered the song respectively.

‘Put It Down’ is a wonderfully crafted track that’s dreamy, deep and created with much pensiveness. Tommy Cullen’s latest tracks are always anticipated and very welcome.

‘Put It Down’ will be released on January 22nd, but for now, you can find all of Tommy’s releases on Spotify. To stay up to date on Tommy Cullen’s releases, and his #NewMusicDaily, make sure you follow him on his Instagram , Twitter and Facebook

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