Tommy Cullen – Night Moves

Something in the night moves. Tommy Cullen adds another stunning track to his impressive repertoire.


Something in the night moves. No, it’s not Bob Seger, it’s Tommy Cullen with his latest single, ‘Night Moves’. It is always a pleasure to see a new release by this Dublin-based, singer-songwriter, riverboat artist. But how does this new release compare to his previous releases? 

‘Night Moves’ is the follow up to the smashing ‘Put It Down’, a single that had layers of quality musicianship and writing spliced throughout. While ‘Night Moves’ is a little bit more stripped back in comparison, it remains to have all of the heart and soul that is expected from this musician. It is no surprise then that the latest release is a highly enjoyable, chilled-out piece that can appeal to all audiences. 

It’s clear that Cullen has an immense passion for writing music. Each of his songs drips with emotion, courage, and empathy. His voice is the perfect timbre for the style of music he writes. ‘Night Moves’ focuses on rhythm acoustic guitar and vocals, as well as some ambient sounds and subtle lead flares, laying into the themes of the subtle movements of the night. The song focuses on the urge for contact in a world that seems to keep hurting, longing for the interaction of others to heal the pain of an unforgiving world. 

Photographer: Joanna O’Malley

Like his previous releases, ‘Night Moves’ show’s Tommy Cullen’s passion around his home studio, one that floats on a river, creating these tracks to illustrate his life over the last year. Mixed by Marcus Jay and mastered by Ivan Jackman, the sound of the song truly fits wonderfully in the ears. Each sound finds its placement, the vocals and accompaniment are wonderfully leveled and the ambiance is nailed in the final cut. It’s no wonder that Tommy, Marcus and Ivan have been working together over multiple releases. 

On top of his latest release, Tommy has been continuing to impress on his social media, with his rigorous #NewMusicDaily. This has been inspiring to follow along with, listening to new ideas, techniques, and practices each day as the artist learns himself. It’s also wonderful to hear some elements sneak into the releases each time.

It is always a blast when Tommy Cullen releases a new single, and ‘Night Moves’ is no exception. You can find the latest release on Tommy’s Spotify. You can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to follow along with his #NewMusicDaily.

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