The Jonah Medal – Septembering

A love letter to those who have passed the youthful Summer of their lives, and a positive message for those coming close to that age.


‘Septembering’ is the first single by Wicklow native Bjorn Baillie, under his new pseudonym, The Jonah Medal. Ballie was previously the frontman of indie rock band La Roccawho gained success here and the US is signed to LA label Dangerbird Records and toured with Phoenix, Jet, and Silversun Pickups to name a few.

‘Septembering’ is a love letter to those who are going through the middle of their lives at the moment. It’s for those who are past their youthful Spring and Summer of their life and have hit their 40’s, something Baillie calls the ‘Septembering’.

The song is incredibly positive and gives a hopeful outlook on life at that age. It gives love to a generation often given a bit of flack, despite the many great things this age group has achieved in their lives. The song shows how appealing this point in everyone’s life can be.

“I’m asking my own generation if they’re okay. Mid-life is here for so many of us. With older parents and young children… we’re the generation squeezed in the middle trying to hold it all together. THAT’S what I’m addressing, all following my lead to serve the song, with sincerity and warmth.”

‘Septembering’ starts with a lovely acoustic, singer/songwriter feel. The lovely crisp tone of the guitar courses through played beautifully without any aggression. The song quickly takes a shift when piano and percussion come in. The chord progression deviates from where it may be expected to go. The beat of the piano and the picking pattern bounce off each other very well, sometimes imitating the vocals. The vocals are recorded very dry, putting a lot of reliance on Baille’s natural tone and timbre. Given his experience and a wonderfully natural sound, this was a very good choice. 

While vocals are a focal point of ‘Septembering’, it’s a very pleasant experience to hear plenty of room for the music itself to be highlighted. There are some well-timed vocal gaps to let the musicians take center stage. Some beautiful piano playing adds so much vibrancy and color to an already smashing track. 

The piece takes a fuller turn towards the end, bringing in a new, catchy phrase. The uplifting lyrics of “You haven’t lost your way, you’ve gotta wait for it” really lifts the spirits. A huge assembly of vocal layers and energetic brass instruments buzz the song to a choral and marching band sound, playing in the parade known as life. There’s even a saxophone running off some amazing lines in the background.

It’s singable, it’s powerful and it’s fun!

‘Septembering’ will be released on February 24th. You can find The Jonah Medal on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for all of his releases.

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