The Decades – Fools Gold

Dublin indie-rockers set the standard on golden new single.


They say that the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Just ask Wicklow four-piece “The Decades”. In the early months of 2020, this talented group were putting the final touches on a live set which they hoped would quickly establish them as players on the Irish music scene. It’s the tried and tested formula that is as old as music itself – write songs, play gigs.

However, as we all know, that formula has been well and truly turned on its head thanks to the global pandemic. The Decades went from being a band who were getting ready to spring into action, to a group needing to rethink their first move. And that’s just what they did. Skip on twelve months and although the route has been altered, the destination remains the same. The Decades are on course to establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

David Mulvey (Drums), Myles Keogh (Bass), Rhys Doyle (Lead Guitar), and Seàn Fox (Vocals, Guitar) released their debut single ‘Electricity’ on October 30th. That song shot them out of the gates, hitting the number 1 position in the iTunes charts across many genres. Both critically and commercially, the song has far surpassed the groups’ expectations and built up a significant amount of interest in what’s to come. Now, The Decades look to gain even more momentum with their follow-up single ‘Fools Gold’.

The first thing that strikes you about ‘Fools Gold’ is its atmospheric production. From the drums right on down the line, there is a certain vintage quality that greets you like an old friend. This is no surprise coming from a band that prides itself on recording the right way, micing up tube amps, and playing as a group. There is an old-school flavor to the band, and it sits nicely alongside the modern indie-rock aesthetic of “The Decades”. The song immediately has a warmth to it and the vibe is reminiscent of bands like The Replacements or The Gaslight Anthem.

Seàn Fox’s voice slides in alongside his bandmates quite seamlessly and sounds great in doing so. His vocals are clear and bright but contain just the right amount of grit to lend credibility to a thoughtful and intense performance. Lyrically, the composition is of the standard you would expect from a writer who cut his teeth opening for the likes of Aslan and Jerry Fish.

“With ‘Fool’s Gold’ we really wanted to say something”, says Fox, “There’s this lifestyle that is so common with our generation of constant partying and a cycle of one-night stands and relationships that go nowhere. It comes out of loneliness and a desperate need for a connection to others and finding meaning and value in the wrong places”.

The instrumentation on this track is top-notch too. From Mulvey’s tight drumming, some exquisite bass runs from Keogh, and the succulent layered guitars of Doyle, everything is played to perfection. The chorus comes in like a stiff right hook to the jaw. Once Fox and co. switch gears for this soaring refrain, it’s clear that ‘Fools Gold’ is an anthem in the making. This one is sure to be a sing-along belter once the crowds return.

Never mind the plans of mice and men, “The Decades” are living proof that things just turn out for the best sometimes. They have used their time very wisely over the past year to record and release two epic songs and create a platform for themselves to build upon. ‘Fools Gold’ is a cracking tune that will propel this band further into the rarified air of Ireland’s rock charts. After a false start, The Decades are racing to the head of the pack.

Fool Gold is available to stream on Spotify. You can keep up with the band on their official Instagram.

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