T.Cole – Sipping Not Tripping

Pop, Afroswing and R&B come together on smooth new T.Cole track.


Tunolase Margaret Cole began her musical journey singing in her local church choir in Drogheda Co.Louth. She and her friends auditioned for the choir with a cover of ‘Push It To The Limit’ from Scarface, altered to include the cheeky lyric ‘I want to join the choir’ in place of the regular chorus. That will give you a good insight into the type of artist Tunolase, or T.Cole, truly is. Bubbly to a fault and willing to mess with the established way of things.

T.Cole’s wonderful habit of casting off the limitations of convention is as prevalent today as it was back at her first audition. She is a singer-songwriter who loves to mix it up and create tasty and tangy musical cocktails. Mixing her love for artists like The Jackson 5 and Prince, with the Afrobeat style of stars like Yemi Alade, has seen T.Cole develop her own signature sound.

Tunolase was picked up by LJ platform in 2020 and already has made a big impression on the Irish music scene with her debut single ‘Thankful’. T.Cole now looks to make an even bigger impression with her second solo single.

‘Sipping Not Tripping’ commences with a shuffling Afro-Swing beat which is repurposed as a delicious R&B groove. The infectious danceability of the track in clear from the off, with its playful percussive patterns and pulsating flow setting a sprightly tempo. The rich flavours of African music gives this song and its singer a clear identity and inject some much-welcomed spice and seasoning into the mix, as does some gorgeous arpeggiated synth work.

At odds with the uptempo instrumental, is a set of lyrics that delve into youthful infatuation. “The song is about missing somebody so much that you’re struggling to have a good time,” says T.Cole. “Just wanting to be in that person’s company, and that no one else can take your mind off them”. The words are impactful in their simplicity, adequately conveying the longing of the main character while keeping us engrossed in the rhythm of the track. The particularly memorable chorus line of “I should be Sipping not tripping, instead of using up my energy” is guaranteed to take up residence in your head, as will the defiant moment where T.Cole resolved to enjoy herself with a frank “Get out of my head”.

T.Coles voice is a revelation. Clear, distinct, and dripping with the kind of laid back charisma you would normally associate with megastars like Ariana Grande. As we move through the different sections of the song, one marvel at the technical skill on display here from the young singer. Tunolase’s cadence stays consistent as the melody quickens and slows, showcasing enviable control over her own vocal attributes.

The Irish R&B scene is awash with accomplished singers at the moment, and T.Cole is definitely up there with the most talented of them. According to Tunolase, there is a great bond between herself and her production team, they definitely seem to know how to harness the rich tones of her voice and marry them together with a lush backing track.

‘Sipping not Tripping’ is an impressive offering from an artist that has all the tools to take the Irish Music scene by storm. Youthful and full of potential, this single is surely just the tip of the Iceberg for T.Cole. All she needs to do to succeed is ‘Push It To The Limit’.

You can listen to ‘Sipping Not Tripping’ right now on Spotify. Keep up to date with T.Cole via her official Instagram page.

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