SuperSonic Sand

Sean Corcoran and Rebecca Cappuccini combine sand and sound to create something truly unique.


Sean Corcoran is something of a modern day alchemist. An artist who can take the most ordinary of things and turn it into artistic gold. Sean has been creating some truly spectacular pieces on the picturesque beaches of Ireland, armed with only a garden rake and his own limitless imagination. Corcoran’s work is bringing sand art to the fore in new and exciting ways, and this latest project has all the hallmarks of a master’s grand opus.

Not to say that he is doing it all on his own. A fortuitous meeting can sometimes be the catalyst that truly capitalises on the skills of two exceptionally talented people. It was Sean’s meeting with co-producer Rebecca Cappuccini that put all the pieces in place for a truly special project. And so ‘SuperSonic Sand’ was born. A fortnightly series which sees Corcoran team up with some of the most vibrant and emotive electro artists from around the world, to combine art and sound in a manner that can only be described as breath-taking.

‘The Viqueen’ has her own built in diviner which seeks out and identifies pure talent, and the manner with which she envisions the potential for brilliance is a truly remarkable gift. It’s no exaggeration to say that the pairing of Sean’s molten talent, and Rebecca’s unwavering spirit, is a mouth-watering proposition. So far the duo have enlisted the services of musicians from as far off as LA and Tokyo to bring these marvellous creations to life.

“This is such a creative and unique project. It’s like nothing I’ve ever come across” says Cappuccini “It’s so great to work with so many amazingly talented artists. Our intention is to produce a series of 12 videos and a series of recorded interviews. Perhaps there will be an album on Spotify of the entire series. Perhaps we will compile the interviews and videos as a documentary…That’s what makes it so exciting, not knowing exactly what it will turn into!”

So far the artists who have contributed to this project are of the highest calibre, and resonate harmoniously with the beautiful visuals. The music, most of which has been created especially for this project, adds such a remarkable extra element to an already intriguing art form. Artists include Serbian/Irish multi instrumentalist and electronic music producer WOB!, Producer, filmmaker, and former ‘Icarus Line’ frontman Joe Cardamone, and talented Irish artists like Stephen Brennan and Andy Killian.

The spontaneity of creation, the temporary nature of the finished product, and the purifying vibration of the music all combine to become an experience that is truly abundant. Sean Corcoran, Rebecca Cappuccini, and the brilliant musicians involved, must be commended for their ingenuity, and overwhelming artistic flair. We at deMars Magazine highly recommend going out of your way to immerse yourself in this incredible experience. The duo’s next release happens on the 7th of August on the 6th, and will be preceded by “Find Out Friday”, where viewers can meet the collaborators and discuss the creation process for the forthcoming art-scape.

You can see these stunning works of art at the official SuperSonic Sand YouTube page. Make sure to follow Sean Corcoran, Rebecca Cappuccini and Viking Promotions on Instagram. For more info and insight, check out their official blog.

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