SOMEFINN – Starlet’s Dream

Indie rock maverick dares to dream on intense new single.


Paul Finn is no stranger to success on the Irish music scene. As a member of lauded indie band ‘The Flaws’, Paul regularly experienced critical success and the widespread approval of the gig-going masses. The band even picked up a nomination for the prestigious Irish choice music award.

Unfortunately, The Flaws called it quits in 2016 and their vocalist was left at an impasse.

In an effort to stir the creative fires, Finn took on the role of touring guitarist for alt band ‘Elephant’ and wrapped himself up in their music. That project took Paul all over the country, clocking up mileage and precious gig time. It also allowed him to plot his next move.

Paul began to write songs and formulate ideas. He assembled his own studio, assembled a quality band, and started into the process that would eventually become SOMEFINNs debut record ‘Tsk,Tsk’.

That album dropped in January and has been confidently collecting accolades since then. Now Paul and the band (David Marron (Sanzkrit) on guitars, Paul Markey (Sanzkrit) on bass, Paul Carolan (Finnian) on drums, Darren Finn on keyboards and guitar) look to capitalise on that success with their latest single ‘Starlet’s dream’.

The opening groove recalls the grit of Joy Division before we move on into a distinctly garage-sounding instrumental. It’s tight, atmospheric, and provides the perfect landing zone for Finns cool, calm, and collected voice. There is a foreboding sense of unease present here, matched well with the apprehension caused by the constant bounce and movement in the track. Paul Finn is an impressive vocalist and an even more impressive lyricist, his words dripping with rich metaphor and suitable intensity.

According to Some Finn “Starlet’s Dream is a song about self-doubt in the face of a critical and cynical world, and how understanding our weaknesses becomes a strength.” The claustrophobic anxiety in the song does well to musically illustrate these intense themes.

Through the tracks bleak aggression, relief comes in a timely touch of intimacy. The author candidly accepts that acknowledging oneS imperfections is the key to self-improvement. “Is that a weakness of mind?” he sings “strength ain’t no weakness of mine”. Indeed, this soaring chorus is a defiant show of strength.

At the climax of the song, proceedings grind to a creaking, visceral halt before springing back to full volume for one last assault. Perhaps this represents a pause for thought or perhaps taking a breath before jumping in headfirst. Either way, it sets up a wonderfully satisfying conclusion, complete with a delicious bassline coming to the foreground.

Starlet’s Dream ends with a thud and, perhaps, a cocky grin. There is a palpable sense of cool that radiates from this song. The confident performances, the thick and tasty production, and the authentic swagger of a well-traveled frontman all combine to make up a slick package.

‘Starlet’s Dream’ is available to stream now on Spotify. You can keep up with SOMEFINN via their official Facebook page.

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