Some Rise Some Fall – Funny Time of Year feat. Anne Mitchell & Band

A wonderful re-imagining of a beautiful song, all in aid of a great cause.


‘Funny Time of Year’ is the modern re-imagining of the 2002 song of the same name by Beth Gibbons of Portishead. It has been uniquely recreated by the Some Rise Some Fall collective, a large group of artists who have come together to release this song in aid of the Cork Simon Community, tackling homelessness in Ireland. 

Creating a re-imagining of a song can be difficult for artists, in particular trying to apply their unique signature. It can often depend on the delivery more than the writing, unless the band decides to add or alter sections of the song. While the song has omitted the outro, not much has been altered in the writing itself.

And the delivery? It is truly is awe-inspiring.

The most significant improvement is the well crafted ambiance. The perfectly placed, reverberated guitars that float in and out of the mix give a 70’s psychedelic feel to the whole track, more so than the original. The bass is engulfing, taking a more prominent role but placed in the appropriate pocket, moving between snare hits that lead us to the next chord destination. 

Tension building chords that lead us to resolutions flood the song. There are some “James Bond” chords throughout that impact even better through the guitarist’s playing style and sound. It truly is impeccably performed and produced.


“Funny Time of Year” is very appropriate as the lead single on “No Simple Highway” because itis always evoked for me how, in grief, we look at the world through a lens distorted by painand the world even and nature seem to act as a mirror of that pain. – Michael Fitzgerald, Project Director


While the entire performance is impressive, the most notable improvement over the original is the singing. The airy vocals of Anne Mitchell, sounding almost bird-like with beautifully mastered vibrato, lifts the song to another level entirely. The powerful delivery of lyrics like “traveling with no destination” or precise hits of each note in the melody are all expertly performed.

Leading towards the end of the song, there is a breakdown featuring staccato keys, popping bass and smooth jazzy style sounding guitar solo, before bringing us back for one final verse and chorus. Some EQ manipulation further drives the airy ambiance leading us to our climactic final chorus, which ends on an open ended chord. 

‘Some Rise Some Fall’ collective have created a beautiful rendition of ‘Funny Time of Year’. The single will be part of a brand new album titled ‘No Simple Highway’ which will be released on February 26th.

You can stream ‘Funny Time of Year’ right now on Spotify. And make sure to follow Some Rise Some Fall on their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to stay up to date on all of their releases.

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