Sid Rainey & The Muttz – To Hell With 2020

Rainey has stated that he had recently fallen in love with music again and that sentiment rings true on this, his comeback single.


When you think of post-apocalyptic movies it’s hard not to notice that a good many of them
are set in the late 2010s or early 2020s. The events of ‘Akira’ occur in 2019, while ‘Mad Max’
is just about ready to rev up his trademark V8 Interceptor in 2021. Whether you think this
is all merely coincidental, or that there is some divine irony at play, it seems like we may be
swiftly approaching ‘dystopian future’ territory. Enter Sid Rainey and the Muttz to provide the
soundtrack to the end of days.

‘To Hell With 2020’ plays out like a joyride through a nuclear wasteland in a tricked out muscle
car. We take our place in the passenger seat as Sid moves through the gears and pounds out the
perfect accompaniment to the desolation which can be seen all around, only pausing to hock up
some more venom into his maw. Our gruff driver doesn’t say much, but what he says matters “I
forget about the way the world used to be…”. As we pick up speed and intensity, the nightmarish
landscape around us ignites and the full-on punk fury of Rainey and his gang of road warriors is
revealed. This guy has in his possession a one-way ticket to hell, and he’s taking all us along for
the ride.

Sid initially exploded onto the Irish music with punk outfit ‘Compulsion’ back in the 1990s
and, since the demise of that group, has been successful with his own television production
company. ‘To Hell With 2020’ sees him return to the fold, and bring with him the type of
forged-in-battle, punk authenticity which is sorely missed on today’s circuit. There’s never been
a better time for a pure punk revival, and Rainey and his band play with all the aggression and
swagger you would expect from bands like The Stooges or MC5.

Rainey has stated that he had recently fallen in love with music again and that sentiment rings
true on this, his comeback single.

No-one is going through the motions here. From the urgent baseline to the frenetic drumbeat
that propels us through the song, there is a pounding sense of purpose evident throughout. Add
to that some trashy, reverb-drenched guitar and Sid’s own dirge fuelled vocal and what we
have here is a passionately aggressive slab of power punk.

You get the feeling as this song builds to its cacophonous climax, that 2020, and all the
destruction left in its trail, has awakened a sleeping giant. As any savant of the genre knows,
punk music works best when it’s reacting to something. Something to get right up in its face
with an extended middle finger and a few choice four-letter words. 2020 gets the Thatcher
treatment on this song and it really is a joy to listen to Sid Rainey and The Muttz conjure up such
unfiltered attitude.

Come hell or high water, the reinvigoration of Sid Rainey will continue into 2021 and beyond.
Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

You can also check him out on Spotify.

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