Rushes – Funds

Skibbereen's very own Alt-Pop superstar stacks up the funds on delicious new single.


There are certain artists that always elicit a smile whenever their new release arrives through the letterbox here at deMars HQ. One of those is most definitely Skibbereen native Rushes, whose last single ‘Wide Eyed’ was a big favourite earlier in the year. With a stunning voice and some seriously zesty R’n’B flavoured bops at his disposal, Rushes is winning over critics and fans all over Ireland and beyond.

Need more proof? How about the impressive list of accolades that Rushes has clocked up. Since his debut single ‘Liquor’ in 2018, this talented singer was named among RTE’s Rising Stars in 2019, along with an artist of the week award in The Irish Times. He released his first full length LP, ‘Glimpse’, and clocked up well over a million streams with the albums lead off single. As 2020 progressed Rushes was regularly being featured on top Spotify playlists, and was named on the Red Bull ‘One To Watch’ list. Pretty impressive for an artist who is still developing, and getting better with each release.

This upward trend continues with Rushes brand new single and accompanying music video.

‘Funds’ is an effortlessly breezy and unfalteringly cool slab of modern Alt-Pop that finds Rushes wondering aloud if the struggle is worth it when it comes to the life of an artist. The song recalls difficult moments in the singer’s life when he literally struggled to put food on the table to maintain his passion and push on as a musician.

“I was spending all the money I had on travelling to London, Berlin, anywhere that I could work on my music and I was in sessions all day, forgetting to eat” Rushes recalls, “then going somewhere starving and my card gets declined, so I was saying to myself, fuck it, you’re going to be experiencing this now, but hopefully that won’t be the case once things start going right”

The heaviness of the lyrics are in direct contrast to the energetic, carefree vibe of the instrumental. The shimmering synths and playful, up-tempo flourishes clearly put this in the category of ‘summer bop’. This optimistic vibe is carried over to a music video that is brimming with positivity and youthful vigour. Who hasn’t wanted to go wild in the aisles of their day job? The sight of Rushes, bouncing around and creating a fun and carefree atmosphere, is pretty hard to resist. The idea for the video (shot in the local supermarket ‘Fields’) came to Rushes after a visit to an old work place gave him cause to reminisce.

“I remember daydreaming a lot on my shifts about wanting to achieve something more. Nothing has really changed in my life but I’m on a different path right now. It really gets across the message of the song too. Trying to reach for something but still being stuck in the same place, hoping that you’ll make it to where you want to be or see in your head”.

As evidenced by this fantastic track, Rushes is well on the way to where he wants to be. This talented Cork singer has the skill, the drive, and the songs to really make a splash in the very near future.

You can keep up with rushes via his official Instagram page. Check out the fantastic video for funds at the link below.

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