Robbie Monaghan – Sorry

An in-depth exploration into regret, wrapped in a package of poppy hope.


Galway singer-songwriter, Robbie Monaghan, is about to release his debut single ‘Sorry’. It can be quite daunting to release your first single, but this Galwegian has all the confidence in him, and it shows through his music. 

The song is based around guitar, piano and vocals, while also adding some other ambient noises and instruments throughout the runtime. Recorded and mixed by Dave Skelton and mastered by Aidan Foley of Masterlabs, the whole mix comes together incredibly well. This is a creative team that knows how to deliver the song with as much punchiness as it needs.

‘Sorry’ is the type of song that sounds simple on the surface but is incredibly rich the more you dive in. The flowing melody that comes back to a very singable hook is very catchy. The chord progression takes some deviations, maximising the impact of major and minor chord placements and drives home the emotional depth of the song. 

“I wanted to write a song about regret, but one with a more uptempo feel to highlight that every low as a sliver of light one can follow”

The mixing of complex feelings is incredibly profound and really drives the song forward. At only 19 years of age, Monaghan has already got the old-soul grip on some heavy notes and portrays them through his art like a master. He has been a musician for over 7 years, and that experience from such a young age really shines through. It’s in-depth, yet youthful and energetic. 

The lyrics are a wonderful reflection of this too. Ending the song on the heartbreaking “Please just take me, please just take me back” is a real punch to the gut, especially given how positive the whole experience feels. 

‘Sorry’ is a great song to listen to, no matter your mood. It takes advantage of many great musical touches that have such mass appeal these days, a trait that can take years to develop. Fans of new, guitar-based pop will enjoy this thoroughly and need to support this very talented young man. 

‘Sorry’ will be available to stream everywhere on March 26th, and you can pre-save it here. Make sure to follow Robbie Monaghan on his Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all future releases. 

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