PureGrand – ‘Such A Fright’

Prolific electro artist PureGrand zooms his way to glory with brilliant 'Such A Fright' music video...


In the music business there is one attribute that will take you far and, most of the time, keep you there.

That is a DIY attitude.

Once you realise that your biggest ally is yourself, you have the ability to create freely and move in any direction you want. Like Faulkner, aka PureGrand realised this very early into his musical journey and hasn’t stopped pushing himself since.

In a short space of time, PureGrand has created for himself a sizeable portfolio of singles, EP’s and videos that burst with colour and overflow with a charm that is infectiously mischievous.

The self-anointed ‘Part-time pop star’ has spent the last few years carefully carving out an identity that is the perfect blend of nostalgic pop and contemporary attitude. Borrowing techniques from the pioneers of 80s electronica, PureGrand has cultivated a sound that services both the modern club enthusiast and the nostalgia crowd, all the while dripping with innovative vigour, and the kind of blue-collar glamour one would associate with the likes of Frankie Goes To Hollywood or the Pet Shop Boys.

Pure Grand’s creativity, work ethic, and independent spirit has not gone unnoticed, with industry influencers like Nialler9, and mainstream publications like Hot Press and GCN heaping praise on the young artist.

His latest single ‘Such a fright’ and accompanying video is an ode to mundane office life, overbearing managers, and the need to break free from the sterile rat-race that takes up so much of our precious time. It’s a witty, self-aware jaunt that works as both a fun burst of perky pop, and as an engaging piece of social commentary.

With each release, it’s looking more and more likely that 2021 will be a breakout year for PureGrand. I wouldn’t bet against the ‘part-time popstar’ becoming a full-time fixture amongst Irelands electronic elite.

Check out PureGrand’s body of work on his Spotify, support him on Instagram, and check out the excellent ‘Such A Fright’ music video below…

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