PrYmary Colours – ‘The Movement’

Colourful festival favourites light up the dance floor with unmissable new single.


PrYmary Colours are a bit of an institution. No doubt, those of us who spent this past summer reminiscing about the Irish festival scene will be very familiar with Cayisha and Daz. This striking, colourful, inventive, and oh-so unique act has been a true highlight of big days out like Electric Picnic, Body & Soul, Love Sensation, Forbidden Fruits, not to mention their many appearances at MOTHER pride events. With their ever present troupe of glitter covered dancers swaying in unison, PrYmary Colours are truly a sight to behold.

The duo are so visually enchanting that sometimes one can be distracted from the fact that, musically, PrYmary Colours are a real forced to be reckoned with.
Their tantalising style brings together sounds you never thought could exist in harmony, as the vocal stylings of M People flirt and dance with the electronic bombast of Daft Punk. They paint from a broad sonic palette that distinguishes from their peers, and defines them them as real innovators. Mass quantities of substance to go along with all that style.

Their journey has taken them to some of the worlds most famous dance halls, like the hallowed ‘House Of Yes’ in New York, and they’ve made some pretty impressive acquaintances along the way (from Laurent Garnier and Erick Morillo, to Kelis and Krystal Klear). With a passion to spread positivity and a desire to evoke change, PrYmary Colours have began a new chapter in their journey with the release of their highly anticipated and inspiring new musical project, ‘The Movement’. This latest era is heralded by ‘The Movement’s striking title track.

‘The Movement’ is another wildly eclectic and inventive piece of music. Naturally, it pulses along with the signature 90s inspired rhythm of the duo’s previous releases, but this time it deviates from the recipe by introducing a Kerry Polka in to the stew. Right from the off there is a joyful cinematic splendour to the track, as traditional Irish tones swell with choral notes and rise towards the sky. Cayisha’s voice joins this stew of sound with a strong call to action. “Revolution baby, be what you want to be, come in solidarity, we’ll do this together safely”. We are then thrust into a the core of a nailed on retro-tinged dance banger, and encouraged to ‘come join the movement’. It’s an invitation that is hard to turn down, as infectious grooves and gospel soul demand that we dance along.

Of course, PrYmary Colours have always addressed important social and cultural issues in their music and ‘The Movement’ is no different. The message in this song offers a window into the soul of PrYmary Colours vocalist Cayisha, as tells her own story of growing up as a black woman in Ireland, and the difficulties she encountered.
“In a time of racial indifferences, awareness is bringing people closer together,” she says.

Instead of dwelling on her experiences, the soulful singer channels her energy into positive vibrations with ‘The Movement’ ushering those in similar situations to stand up in solidarity and march forward into a more positive and inclusive future. The vibe and atmosphere conjured up by the words and music are evocative of the band itself – playful and experimental, but galvanised by its connection to real issues and willingness to be personally vulnerable.

‘The Movement’ is a mightily impressive return for a group that seem primed to take themselves to a whole new level. Propelled by musical skill and personal openness, not to mention their jaw dropping visual flair, PrYmary Colours are destined to join the pantheon of great Irish dance acts.

The track is also accompanied by an insightful mini-documentary titled The Movement: Perspective Of A Black Irish Woman and is available to fans for viewing.

You can buy ‘The Movement’ on Bandcamp right now. Follow PrYmary Colours on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

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