Pecking Party – Descendant

Fiery dublin band party on up the pecking order with intense new single.


It’s been widely discussed that, due to the current pandemic, a seismic shift has occurred in the way music is being produced. Intimate, lengthy recording sessions are a thing of the past at the moment, and there has been a surge in artists attempting to take up the mantle of a studio engineer, artist, producer, and supplier, all from the comfort of their own homes. It’s a tricky situation that has seen some bands adapt and others fall by the wayside. But then there are those bands who have for years been self-reliant and trusted their own skills and instincts above some random studio and producer.

Pecking Party are the epitome of a band like that. In fact, they have been handling their business in-house since they began. They take great pride in having recorded and produced all their own music, self-releasing their two brilliantly reviewed EPs (Send Nudes in 2017, and a self-titled follow-up in 2018). They are also well known for challenging conventions by setting up unique and groundbreaking events ( like collaborating with top Irish drag queens for their ‘Giz a Drag’ supershow). Sounds like the perfect band to launch an offensive that is unhindered by the new normal.

Of course, no band is totally unscathed at the moment, and Pecking Party faces their own challenges too. Since their current lineup came into existence in 2013, the group has become well known as a band that thrive off their manic live show. They are blessed with a talismanic frontwoman, Ciara Ryan, who connects with a live audience in a way few can match. So to continue in their growth it is essential that the band can transfer that live energy onto their upcoming records, as well as finding new ways to challenge and engage with their audience.

Pecking Party have achieved exactly that with their excellent new single ‘Descendant’.

Kicking off with an immediately danceable beat, Ryan draws the listener in with an assuredness in her voice, surrounded by a melodic backing of swirling vocals. There is a sinister hint in the air and It’s not long before the track explodes to life with a suitably viscous refrain. There is some wonderful interplay between ambient and heavy tones throughout the song, and some tight drumming keeps the track galloping on with the power of a champion stallion.

The final act of ‘Descendant’ sees the band wind up like a spring before shooting back with copious amounts of aggression for the song’s crescendo, as Ciara howls “There will be no other me”. A fitting battle cry for a band who are hell-bent on doing it their own way.

As I mentioned earlier, Pecking Party are having to operate without one of the most effective weapons in their arsenal, their exceptional live set. I’m glad to say that Pecking Party have addressed this shrewdly with a fantastic music video to accompany the song. Playing out like a mini-movie, the clip matches ‘Descendant’s tone perfectly and draws the viewer deeper into the song with some enigmatic visuals and a story reminiscent of an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

‘Descendant’ is a ferocious and impactful slab of contemporary electronic rock that is sure to help springboard this hungry, exciting band to even more acclaim.

Support Pecking Party on their official Instagram page. You can listen to ‘Descendant’ on Spotify.

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