Not The Actor – Little More Soul

A poppy ballad with a little more soul than most in the genre. This is an inspirational song to get you motivated.


Not The Actor is the Wexford-based singer-songwriter who has released some amazing tracks such as ‘Lifeline’ and ‘Lights’. The releases do not stop there, as this fantastic musician has just released ‘Little More Soul’, quite possibly his catchiest and most personal song yet. 

Not The Actor, also known as Killian Murphy, wrote this fantastic piece while working and living in Dubai. It’s a song that shows the artist’s struggle with the showmanship of this strange country, yet he also wanted to write a piece that proved nobody should stay pigeon-holed. Each person should be given the opportunity to spread their wings.

What a powerful message. This song is the perfect kick in the pants to get everyone planning their own flight and exploration. And the message is delivered in such a wonderful package.

‘Little More Soul’ starts with a boost and maintains its poppy optimism through its entirety. It blends the sounds of ballad and pop but adds just a little more soul than most in the genre. With a catchy hook and lyrics that really encourage the listener to sing along, one cannot help but smile. 

“If you think I’m just a snowflake in the sand, you got me wrong”

Both the writing and the production of this piece are equally impressive. What Not The Actor brought to the table was flawlessly mixed by Luke Nelson of Ravensdale Lane Studios, as well as mastered by Aisling Jarvis. The aural direction was executed to perfection, with each sound fitting into its rightful pocket.

Some vocal manipulation, panning, instrumental imitation, and a wonderful room feel, all come together to create such a fun song. There’s a really cool breakdown, with lots of production skills shown off, before bringing us right back into the main hook. 

‘Little More Soul’ has a lot to offer and definitely puts the pep in the step of each listener. With some great vocal range, beautiful writing, awesome production, and a little more soul behind it, this is definitely a song to pop on your playlists. 

You can stream ‘Little More Soul’ right now on Spotify. Be sure to follow Not The Actor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on all releases.

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