NÍV – Home

For those of you who miss the feeling of home, this song will bring you right where you need to be.


Sometimes it’s possible to be longing for the feeling of being home, even though that’s exactly where we are. An odd feeling of longing for comfort. That is the subject of the new single ‘Home’ by spectacular folk-singer songwriter NÍV.

Hailing from Maynooth, Kildare, Niamh (NÍV) Murray has established herself as a musician that transcends the boundaries of borders. In one year, she has garnered 15,000 listeners on Spotify from 73 different countries. So it is no wonder that ‘Home’ has been so highly anticipated. Steadily releasing singles over her young career, this artist has been knocking it out of the park with her writing and production, and this latest release is no different.

‘Home’ is a soothing, ambient song that was written with much love and care. It oozes with feelings of nostalgia, longing for home and comfort, and the desire for normality. The song was written in the first lockdown, a time of much uncertainty and unrest for many. This sparked inspiration in the young artist and has amalgamated into this wonderful song. 

“As a result of the pandemic, I think that people haven’t been able to make it back home to see family and friends. I think as well everyone is missing what life was like before all of this began. Those kinds of feelings are where this song came from. It’s an echo of the warm nostalgic feeling that goes hand in hand with memories of home.”

NÍV achieves the feelings she was going for flawlessly. With soft vocals that layer up as the song progresses, it never feels overwhelming or intimidating. The melody washes over in warm waves of comfort. The guitar tone is crisp and is impressively consistent. The production quality really shines with the perfect of instruments interwoven with the vocals, as well as some ambient sounds to drive home the mood. 

The piece naturally builds in the main hooks while still maintaining its calm and comfortable. A subtle vocal layer here, some piano hits there, and a wonderful balance of harmonies over melancholic lyrics all tie the tune into a gorgeous package. 

Fans of NÍV will be very pleased with this latest release.

‘Home’ is available to listen to right now on Spotify. You can find NÍV on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please follow her for all of her future releases.

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