Nicha – Saltwater Song

Northern Irish siren channels the healing power of the sea on glistening new single.


Nicha has made a big impression in the last 12 months. Her debut single ‘Devices’, a brilliantly engaging ode to mobile phone addiction, won the adulation of Industry Stalwarts like
BBC Radio Ulster’s Stephen McCauley, RTE 2 FM’s Dan Hegarty, RTE 2XM, Hot Press, and more.

Such success is very fitting for an artist who submerged herself in music as a child. A healthy dose of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley shaped her musical tastes, and the picturesque splendor of a vibrant seaside town provided a backdrop to her development.

That seaside town was Hollywood, an Ulster port town famous for its Jazz and Blues festival and bustling shopping areas. An interesting fact about Hollywood is that in the 19th century the coastal village became extremely popular for sea bathing, the cleansing act of washing the body in saltwater. Whether for recreation or purification, there is something about saltwater that calms the soul. As someone who must have heard the sound of it flowing for much of her youth, Nicha channels that sound into her new single ‘Saltwater Song’.

Framed by calm acoustic guitar strumming, Nicha welcomes us to the song with her trademark cathartic vocal tone. The tempo is loose and dream-like before picking up the pace with some deliberate drumming. As we approach the refrain, the instrumental is bolstered further with some sparse, shimmering keys and electronic flourishes. There is knowing wisdom in Nicha’s words and the lyrics are deep, revealing, and personal.

“The lyrics of saltwater song express the passing of time and the fear of being swept up in distraction and forgetting where you are meant to be going,” says Nicha. “The music reflects this as well through a wash of melodies”

“Saltwater song is liberating and empowering. It tells the story of someone who is struggling to overcome personal issues such as a bad relationship, addiction, or an unhealthy habit. Weighted by these issues they are unable to become their best self or reach their full potential”

The song is built around ebb and flow. Each calming lull builds to the release of sonic energy. This soundscape of cascading moods perfectly sums up the lush songwriting talents of Nicha. Musically the track is as evocative as the lyrics that reside within it, replete with sounds that shimmer and ripple like sunlight dancing atop the ocean skin.

The song builds to a magical intense conclusion with sitars howling in an almost psychedelic experience. It’s a total cleansing experience as Nicha brings us to an emotional peak. It’s a rewarding end to an effervescent journey.

‘Saltwater song’ is a beautiful, swirling soundscape that represents an exciting lunge forward for Nicha. There is a vitality to her sound that is refreshing and cleansing. Just like those 19th-century revelers who flocked to Hollywood and its saline shoals, listeners will be purifying themselves with the immersive music of Nicha for years to come.

‘Saltwater Song is available to stream on Spotify. You can keep up with this amazing artist via Breaking Tunes.

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