Nathan Mac – Domestic Wars (feat. Emily Hazel)

Two siblings have collaborated to create the perfect poppy piece to launch us into the weekend!


If 2021 needs a banger of a pop song to kick it off, deMars Magazine has just the one! ‘Domestic Wars’ is the bubbly new single by Nathan Mac, featuring his wonderfully talented sister, Emily Hazel.

This electronic conglomeration of instrumentation and vocal variety is the perfect pop for the fresh start we’re all looking for. Originally released at the closing of 2020, this funky pop piece oozes with head-bopping beats, guaranteed to make you want to dance.

Using an assortment of different instruments, from strings to synths, the track bursts at the seams with colour, life and energy. ‘Domestic Wars’ enters with some crisp acoustic guitar, perfectly harmonized vocals and punchy aural ornamentation.

Both Nathan and Emily have the ability to identify where they are most comfortable within their vocal range. This creates gorgeous vocal timbre, texturing the main hook, shining through with confidence. Despite the variety of sounds and instruments within the accompaniment, the vocals are the clear stars of the show.

Throughout the song, the two leads change their harmonic intervals. The harmonies stay fairly consonant throughout the piece, fitting the song while still adding variety. One of the more impressive harmonies on display are the perfect octaves, which may appear easy, but can be challenging to get perfect in practice. Nathan and Emily achieve this wonderfully!


“I love my sister to bits. She’s one of the most talented singers I know, and I knew instantly that I wouldn’t have enough ‘attitude’ to pull this song off alone. Now it’s become a fan favourite, and I’m 100% sure that she’s the reason”


Singing a story of arguments, portraying the ‘Domestic Wars’ that everybody has to go through, the song is eerily relatable. It’s delightfully vengeful and full of sass, all performed like a stage show by the siblings. The lyrics hold much emotional weight to them. Hearing the line “I refuse to clean up after you” give power, confidence and empathy to any listener, giving off some second-hand courage. ‘Domestic Wars’ is chock-full of this energy! Nathan Mac seems to be proving more and more that he is quite the lyricist.

One final, and very important, aspect of this track that cannot be overshadowed is the production. Brian Dwyer produced ‘Domestic Wars’ and requires just as much praise as the writer and performers. The beautiful swells, the bass drops, and the sound effects that are added to drive home the funk is done flawlessly. The simple additions of sound effects make the experience much more immersive.

There are ideas within the song that may have appeared odd in concept, such as the sound effect of a knife, that works incredibly well in this track. The production truly is on another level. This collaboration of creation has worked in Nathan Mac’s previous projects and continues to keep on giving.


If you are in need of some energy this weekend, make sure you check out ‘Domestic War’, available to stream right now on Spotify. Follow Nathan Mac on his Facebook and Instagram for more updates on releases.

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