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The return of The Barley Mob.

2020 has been a real dour kind of year. With the world in disarray and uncertainty, people’s mental health has taken a nosedive when it comes to finding that positivity in life. I myself have had this feeling for the guts of 6 months, that is why I was absolutely thrilled when I read the news on my Facebook timeline that “The Barley Mob” were returning after five long years on hiatus. There’s the uplift that was needed, hallelujah!

For those of you who are unaware of this band, let me tell you a little about them. They are one of the hardest working units in the Irish music scene. Blending soulful melodies, folk and rock aspects, and uplifting and infectious beats, “The Barley Mob” are certainly one of Irelands most unique and positive bands. This can be seen by the outpour of love, affection and well wishes when they announced their return on September 7th. A well-seasoned band with experience from some of the smallest venues, to the grandest stage of the land! They performed the  Electric Picnic 6 times over the one weekend! Fans of the RTE series Love/Hate may also be familiar with their sound, as their track “Nothing in The World” featured in the first episode of series five.

With five songs already recorded for a brand-new album, the guys are well and truly coming back with a bang. Led by the gravel filled, melodic voice of Adam Daly, “The Barley Mob” are a force in Irish music that can lead the charge out of the lockdown mire and into a bright future. They can be the voice of today’s generation.

Be sure to follow the guys online for all the latest updates: Facebook.

And check out their debut album from 2013, The Barley Mob, on Spotify.

So, until we can get our first taste of what is yet to come, I will leave you with a personal favourite of mine:


The Barley Mob ROAD TUNE – Acoustic (Sept 26th 2020)

Road Tune – Acoustic Version 2020, Track 2 off our debut album.

Posted by The BaRLey MOB on Saturday, September 26, 2020


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