Maximillion Foy – I Beat My Face

A song that portrays a deep dive into the artist's introduction to the Dublin Drag scene. Was it all he hoped it would be?


Music is an intriguing form of story-telling. While these stories can vary thematically, and can often leave much to interpretation, it is the deeper, personal stories that tend to last the longest. With that said, only a few stories are as deep and personal like that of ‘I Beat My Face’, the new pop/hip hop single by Maximillion Foy.

Maximillion, a member of the deMars magazine family, is a Dublin based singer-songwriter, who has been seen many times on Dublin stages over the last two decades. Not only has he been seen performing in gender-bending roles, and in boundary-pushing acts like ‘FELCH’ and ‘The Actual Mafia’, fans of the podcast ‘Murder Most Irish’ will recognise ‘I Beat My Face’ as the theme song to the show. Thankfully, Maximillion has decided to release the full track for us all to enjoy.

Foy wrote this song with a few story beats in mind, mainly focusing on his introduction to the Dublin Drag scene. Opening oneself up to the scene seems like it would cause all sorts of exciting jitters to the newcomers. A whole new world awaiting the naive. But this song has an air of darkness to it. Metaphors portraying soured mothers milk, a cut bouquet and a struggle with the alter ego; all tell a beautifully dark story of internal conflict. A deeper dive into the lyrics allow us to take a dive into the artist’s experience of this new world. Becoming his new identity may have caused a struggle, ensuring his alter ego doesn’t smother the life he already has.

“It’s is an ode to the transformative power of taking on a larger than life alter-ego but also a warning for those who let that alter ego take over their lives”

Musically, the tone is impeccable. Utilizing arpeggiated minor chords accompanied by a drum track with interesting bass drum placement, the tune can be slightly unsettling. These techniques allow the catchy to flirt with the eerie. Challenging themes demand challenging musicality, and this song has plenty. The pre-chorus surprises with an introduction of a cello, contrasting the electronic instrumentation heard up to this point. The chorus opens up with harmonized vocals, in an almost 90’s boy band way. The entire second verse shoots through the barrel of a rifle with some impressive rapping with an even deeper, darker dive into the depths of the dark side of drag. Concluding the piece, the listener is given layers of a harmonized chorus spliced with a bridge and some beautifully mixed guitar. The subtle, yet very effective electric guitar uses a distortion that’s dark, but not too heavy for the overall piece. 

Maximillion stated that the track is a therapy session, dealing with the demons of his past while also pushing forward his solo career. If the future of this talented artist sounds anything like this song, everyone is in for a wild ride.

‘I Beat My Face’ is available on Spotify right now. Make sure you follow Maximillion Foy on his Instagram to follow his story and see his other glorious projects.

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