Mark Duggan – Lullaby (I’ll Be There)

A song written to comfort those in need of respite, written in the style of classic folk with modern elements to make a wispy fusion.


Waterford based singer/songwriter, Mark Duggan, is back to release his first track of 2021 called Lullaby (I’ll Be There). This dream-inducing folk song is inspired, yet wonderfully original. It may even be a little out of the ordinary too.

Duggan’s style is quite inspired by folk and classic rock, whilst mixing in some modern techniques. Everything from the vocal timbre to the core structure of the song gives off big classic folk vibes. The tune is very reminiscent of a young Bob Dylan.

The accompaniment is an arrangement of different guitars, low-end and high, in varying rhythms and plucking styles. The main chords progressing is descending and structured, complimenting Mark’s unorthodox melody. There are even some notes that are sung beyond the native scale. A story is being told in a way that’s quite unique. 

“After a rewrite the song became about the narrator trying to provide comfort to someone who is unable to sleep at night. While I didn’t want to make it entirely clear what is keeping the person awake so that someone could apply their own reasons there’s little links to possibilities like the words weight, tears and restless.”

From beat one, the aura of a dream-like, soothing ambience is painted. The guitars jolt in immediately with some aggressive panning from left to right while the vocals are the secure anchor, keeping the listener grounded in this dreamy wisp.

Mark is absolutely no stranger to making music a medium of narrative. His EP ‘Long Way Home’ was an ambitious, award-winning idea that told a story over twelve songs that blended seamlessly into one another. And this song fits wonderfully into that repertoire of tunes.

You can pre-save Lullaby (I’ll Be There) right here. You can listen to Mark Duggan’s discography on Spotify and make sure you follow Mark on his Instagram and Facebook.

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