Makings – Nightlight

One of Ireland's brightest prospects shine their 'Nightlight' on new single.


In case you didn’t know, Rick, Cairon, Julieanna, Raul, Paddy, and Barry are Makings. This 6-piece juggernaut of a band is a sonic explosion of danceable beats, heavy guitars, and fist bumping hooks that pull you in. They have been setting the world alight with a string of scintillating releases and the kind of tireless work ethic that elevates them above a good many of their peers. In short, Makings have the tunes, the attitude, and that ever-elusive it factor.

Makings are a band that not only survived during the pandemic, they thrived. In fact, over the last 2 years the band have released a staggering 14 singles. On top of that amazing achievement, the band embraced the realities of an industry that has been crippled by restrictions and set fire to every live stream they have appeared on. Pre-pandemic, Makings had already defined themselves as an unmissable live attraction, with legacy defining performances at Whelan’s Ones To Watch, Vantastival, Youbloom @ Bloom In The Park and Oakfest. With a German and multiple UK tours under their belt and a confirmed slot for Lechlade Music Festival 2022, Makings are practically salivating at the thought of hitting the road again.

In preparation for a blockbuster return to touring, Makings are back with another absolute belter. Get ready for the undeniable ‘Nightlight’.

This killer tune pulses with purpose right from the off. The central chugging 80s synth pop inspired beat and Rick’s perfect rendered rock-star vocal are a match made in heaven. The tension builds as Makings charismatic figurehead is joined by a swell of reverb drenched guitar that takes us seamlessly into the refrain. The chorus is guaranteed to take up residence in your head as Julieanna joins the fray with a voice that is as impressive as anything you will hear on the radio. As she and Rick combine to emote over the song’s central story of a duplicitous lover, it becomes very clear that Makings are a band full of depth and purpose.

Everytime you think that Makings have fired off every weapon in their arsenal, they somehow find a bigger gun. ‘Nightlight’ is yet another example of the breathtaking potential that this band possesses, and this group is showing no sign of slowing down. The Makings train is constantly gaining speed and is well on its way to becoming an unstoppable force.

You can stream ‘Nightlight’ by Makings on Spotify right now. Keep up with the band via their official Instagram page.

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