Luke Watterson – Cold and Dry

A song that is a little bit sad, with a lot of talent shown. The Belfast accent has never sounded so good in a song!


‘Cold and Dry’ is the first single release from singer-songwriter Luke Watterson. Luke is from Co. Down and has been travelling the world, writing music as he goes along his journey.

Contrary to the title of the track, this piece is actually quite warm and welcoming. It fades in with a nice chord progression that continues throughout the entirety of the piece.  It’s quite an ambitious song to debut, with nothing but piano and vocals to start. The weight of the success of this piece is focused on the performers’ confidence in carrying the song, solely relying on the consistency in the piano, and vocal performance.

That is exactly what is achieved. While the song is mainly piano and vocals, it never sounds bare. The lack of percussion or vocal modulation and effect leaves the listener with a tear-jerking story, straight from the heart. The vocals are definitely the highlight of the piece, along with the songwriting behind it. Each line was written with much emotion and delivered equally so. Luke’s accent creeps in periodically, decorating the performance in a way similar to the accompanying strings.

Speaking of the accompaniment, both string pieces add subtle variety without being excessive. They enter on great timing, and never outstay their welcome. While the chord pattern never deviates from its core pattern, these instrumental flourishes add some flavour. 

‘Cold and Dry’ is an intimate, emotional journey that took a lot of confidence and bravery to write and perform. Luke Watterson’s future in music is looking very good.

Make sure to stream ‘Cold and Dry’ on Spotify, and please follow the artist on his Instagram to stay up to date on all future releases.

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