Loading – Tanoki (feat. Farah Elle)

A beautiful galaxy of sound and colour. A mixing of genres and instruments. Loading is a required listening experience.


‘Loading’ is the brand new single from Kilkenny-based, Electro Pop and visual artist Tanoki. This track comes from the upcoming album ‘File New’. This song also features Farah Elle and is accompanied by a stunning music video that is due for release on the 26th of February.

This song is crafted in a way that can only be described as cosmic. Colour, chaos, and charisma bleed from the headphones while listening to this track, in all of the best ways possible. This is an amalgamation of electronic and jazz music that screams originality and pushes the idea of creating a new sound. 

Genres are not the only thing in this melting pot. A mixture of instruments, both live and electronic, smash together in this galaxy of sound. The piano clashes with the electronic keys in a beautiful way. There is a professionally improvised feel to some piano lines, as well as some imitation of the vocals. Very cool.

The tone of the clean guitar is incredibly crisp. The bass enters and exits, popping into attention before the listener realizes it hasn’t been heard in a few bars. There is a lot going on, and a lot to be digested, but it only encourages to hit that replay button and pick out every subtle musical nod within the four and a half minute piece. It’s a brand new aural reality.

“The song is a commentary on what we’re doing with technology and how it’s intersecting with our lives. As we lose what makes us human in exchange for the robotic, I want listeners to imagine the kind of lyrics that might come from an android, the cyborgs we’re becoming.”

The production quality of this piece is astounding. Sounds that are reminiscent to “Ping-Pongs” are wonderfully playful as well as the addition of mouth clicks and many others that are to be discovered. Between the panning, the introduction and subtraction of certain instruments at certain times, and the clarity of the vocals all make such a wonderful listening experience.

Speaking of vocals, Farah Elle is the hugely talented vocalist and pianist on this track. As the song progresses, the vocals evolve with it and become utilised as one of the staple instruments. A catchy hook is sung lyrically by Elle, which then turns to vocal ornamentation and expressions that portray more than lyrics ever could. While the song is hugely jazzy and electronic, Elle’s vocals even take on some Arabic-style flairs that just add further to the mix. 

Tanoki has created a wonderfully original piece of music that has been mixed incredibly well. Many hours have clearly gone into this creation, as well as much thinking outside the box. The feature of Farah Elle only adds to the quality of this track and is hugely enjoyable. It’s clear that this was a project full of passion and fun.

‘Loading’ will be released on February 26th, and the album ‘File New’ will be released very soon. Be sure to subscribe to Tanoki’s YouTube channel, as well as staying connected through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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