Libran – Out of View / I Promise

Libran tackles the duality of uncertainty and ambition all in the one song, and it works brilliantly!


Irish chamber-pop artist, Libran, has just released his third record titled ‘Out of View / I Promise’. This doubled-up track features many awesome songwriting techniques and houses a wonderful story of creativity and embracing one’s fears and fragility. 

‘Out of View / I Promise’ is a wonderful depiction of two sides of the same coin. While it does tackle fear and uncertainty, the flip-side is of ambition and finding strength through the pursuit of dreams. These might sound like contrasting themes, they often share similar emotions. This song portrays that duality of feelings. There is no one without the other.

Libran himself seemed to come face to face with these fears while tackling the creation of this piece, something that certainly helped in generating the atmosphere and emotion. The entire production was done by the Libran himself, with the mastering done by UK-based engineer Simon Francis. Libran’s dedication to learning the craft of mixing, assembly, and painstaking timing pays off with this impressive project. It was certainly a nerve-wracking task. 

“I knew the lyrics had to be vulnerable, and about vulnerability. That’s something I’ve never been comfortable with (obviously), but this song demanded it, so I had to make my peace with that.” – Libran

The piece is split in two, as the title and description suggest, but it maintains its piano-based backbone. It tends to keep a relatively uniform chord progression throughout too, with some small deviations and modal changes. While neither half of the song is somber, they both have their glares of positivity and negativity. 

There is some astounding range heard on the vocals, as well as a beautiful arrangement of harmonies, layered on top of one another to paint this masterpiece and pull it all together. There are some hints of trad music coming through too, both with some vocal decoration and some musical breaks. Modal changes, different drum sounds, and… is that a xylophone? The variety heard throughout is, well, awesome!

As the song shifts halfway through, the tone moves slightly with it. The vocals are distorted, there’s a much longer build-up to the conclusion, and the bass sees a significant difference. It replaces “bopiness” with longer single note plays. Coming to its conclusion, the xylophone takes a more prominent role, the drum sounds alter slightly, and a repeating message that builds to its climax. The piece is crafted excellently and gets better with each repeat play. 

‘Out of View / I Promise’ can be found on Spotify. You can also find Libran on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all release updates.

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