Laters With Griff – Hybrid Streaming Event


Drop Dead Twice is the underground home of the underdogs, the ideas too wacky for anyone else come to live here, it’s a place of heroes and misfits, where creativity thrives and magic is real.

During this very difficult period in time, they even took the very brave steps and reinvented as a takeaway cocktail bar. like the living legends they are, nothing could stop them.

Did they just announce a hybrid music festival called “Laters With Griff“?!?!

This mash-up of styles, acts and wacky concept, all hosted in this glorious venue, will be live-streamed from their Facebook page as well as having a socially distanced crowd in attendance. (very limited tickets available)

Could this be the loopiest idea to yet come from Griff’s head? Time will tell, a close eye must be kept on this creative genius, his ability to reinvigorate knows no bounds, for this reason, this is my top pick for October events.

The show will be presented in a later with Jules Holandesque vibe, but I assure you there will be so much more to these nights than you expect.

The first two have were done in September and rudely interrupted by the lockdown, Griff and the lads made the very smart choice to postpone until October where they could have the full hybrid effect again, Halloween weekend no less.

Kicking off the 29th and ending the 31st of October, these events will feature:

Markas Carcas And The Trail Gang, Dublin City Rounders, Lethal Dialect, Vernon Jane, Witch Trials and many more incredible Irish acts will be playing this 3-day extravaganza.

The last two events are available to replay on their page. So get your tickets, donate, watch the magic unfold, these are events not to be missed!

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