Late Night Pharmacy – Too Late for the Rickshaws

A wonderful indie-rock tune that holds a mirror to Dublin City.


Late Night Pharmacy, the Dublin-based indie/alt-rock band are set to release their brand new single ‘Too Late for a Rickshaws’. This is their first release since their smashing EP ‘Flamingo’, released back in 2019. Lead vocalist Rob Maguire, lead guitarist Fionn Murray, bassist Michael Spence, and drummer Jordan Swanson do not fail to deliver such a wonderful 2021 release. 

This tune has a ripping start with an awesome drumroll as an intro. The instruments play on all sorts of off-beats while the vocals stay calm and steady. It’s a beautiful chaos that works in tandem with the themes of the song. It’s an interesting choice to put a bold beat to the tune, but it sounds too good to criticise. It also shows off just how tight these four lads are in their musicianship. 

Throughout the song, there are some beautiful elements of musicality, through its chord choices, unusual beat, and lovely flowing melody. It all accumulates in one big indie-wave package that is both easy listening and challenging to pick apart. 

There is a nice chill breakdown in the second half of the song that features some alternating guitars as well as some airy techno-synth sounds and gorgeous drum fill. 

Getting to the heart of the song and its meaning may show to be daunting to some people. It puts a mirror up to Dublin city and shows just how some people experience their daily lives in the grips of drug use. Rob Maguire took inspiration for this song from a conversation he had with two men on the Luas speaking about their drug use.  

“That conversation served as the primary inspiration for the lyrics, detailing a typical couple of days in the lives of men like this. We also drew from my experiences visiting Cloverhill prison in Clondalkin to play Christmas carols and religious music for the inmates.”

The tune brings the glaringly obvious issues surrounding addiction in Dublin to the forefront. It brings the human aspect into the very difficult lives of individuals often left to rot on the streets or in prisons of Dublin. There is a bittersweetness surrounding the entire song. It’s enjoyable, yet introspective, as a fellow Dubliner. And as many Irish listeners may experience, the song’s story may stay with them for a while after. And there will be no other drive other than to hit repeat and listen again. 

‘Too Late for the Rickshaws’ is a wonderfully crafted piece of music that all Irish people should experience. Like all great songs, it will leave the listener fulfilled, yet questioning the reality shown off in its lyrics. 

‘Too Late for the Rickshaw’ drops on the 20th of April and will be available on Spotify as well as an accompanying music video available on YouTube on the same day. Make sure you support Late Night Pharmacy by following their Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Bandcamp.

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