Kobara – Addict To Your Love

Budding young singer/songwriter rehabilitates his heart on sparkling new single.


Kobara is an Irish singer-songwriter and producer from Dublin. A well-travelled musician with the Irish language band Seo Linn, Kobara has recently set about fashioning a solo career for himself. He released his first solo single ‘I Never Felt So Alive’ in February 2019 and a few months later played his first solo gig on Whelan’s exalted stage.

Since then Kobara released his massively impressive debut Ep ‘Five Lovely Poisons’ in June 2020 and has formed a musical identity which sees elements of EDM intermingled with folk and electronica.

Kobara seems poised to build on an impressive first two years out on his own. If 2021 is to be a banner year for this exciting artist, his latest single ‘Addict to your love’ is most certainly a great way to announce oneself.

A beautifully bright picked guitar motif welcomes us to the song and with it an immediate warmth. This warmth serves as the perfect landscape for Kobara’s voice to graze on. And what a voice it is. Clear as a summer breeze, rippling with emotion and wonderfully inviting, Kobara is the type of singer that immediately hits you as effortlessly genuine as well as commercially appealing.

Of coarse a great singer can be made or broken by the words he sings and lyrically this song is beautifully crafted.

On ‘Addict to your love’ Kobara muses about the role romantic relationships have played in his life, what motivated him to seek out love at the risk of heartbreak , and the great uncertainty people go through when it comes to the heart.

The instrumentation throughout the song impeccable as it develops from a simple guitar ballad to a joyous crescendo with some beautiful baroque pop flourishes. Kobara’s voice dances amidst this glorious gust like a leaf on the wind. It’s a perfectly pleasing pop song and the effective simplicity of its composition is matched and heightened by the feeling that the singer very passionate about the subject matter he sings about.

Kobara presents himself as an artist who has his heart stolen a time or two. Turn about is fair play, as this exciting prospect is sure to steal the heart of the Irish Independent music scene in 2021.

‘Addict to your love’ is released on January 22nd, with its music video debuting on January 29th.

Check out Kobara on Spotify and show your support by following him on Instagram.

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