KinetiX – isaidhey

Years of musical success and experience have led these brothers to becoming potential pop-music icons!


KinetiX, the brotherly trio, have returned with a smashing new single, ‘isaidhey’. Arthur, Theodore, and Ademar Stones have come together, yet again, to produce an incredible sounding pop tune that is jammed full of great techniques and hooks. 

The band have a long and successful history in music, one that far predates the formation of KinetiX in 2017. Between them, the brothers have won many musical awards, have been featured on numerous spotlight entertainment broadcasts and have had much success with previous releases. It’s no surprise that they could produce such an incredible piece of music like this one. 

All three artists contribute to their creations in important and unique ways. Their current setup allows them to bounce ideas off each other and create an accumulative brainchild of creamy melodies and ambiance. 

“We produce music in a funny way, 1 of us writes the hooks and melodies, another writes the lyrics, and the other assorts it into a song. We are lucky to all live in the same household, with a study, so we can work anytime of day or night.”

‘isaidhey’ features many impressive production techniques that give it a high-quality feel. There is a great utilisation of stereo sounds in the track, with panning, reverberation, and swells all fitting into their correct places. Some vocal doubling, as well as subtle echoes on the voice, are all used in key places in the song to really drive home the message of the song, living life to its fullest and breaking away from the cage of monotony. There are even some cool, unique sounds peppered throughout. They sound a little bit like weird female vocalisations, and they sound wonderful.

Speaking of the vocals, there is a wonderful, natural grittiness to them. The singer hits the sweet spot in his range that gives off the perfect timbre and resonates wonderfully in tandem with the rest of the piece. All of these elements mixed with a solid chord progression and a catchy melody leaves the listener in such a great mood and ready to hit that replay button. 

‘isaidhey’ is a wonderfully rocking pop song that has everything needed to get you dancing. The combined years of musical experience and success bleed through the track in a way that shines with talent and commitment to the art.

Make sure you check out ‘isaidhey’ on Spotify, as well as following KinetiX in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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