This Prog-Rock five-piece are turning heads after a string of impressive releases...


KÎND are a 5 piece progressive rock band whose modus operandi is to explore sounds and
melodies, and interact with them in ways you’ve never heard before.

2019 was a fantastic year for the band as they quickly graduated to headline slots around
Dublin, (including their brilliantly received debut show in Sin È). 2020 would have surely been
an even more impressive showing, if not for the Covid 19 pandemic temporarily halting their
formidable run of live offerings.

Undeterred by the complications of maintaining a new band during lockdown, the members
of KÎND devoted themselves and releasing their debut track ‘Fix Of Dopamine’, which they
premiered at the end of March.

Finding the common ground between ‘Radiohead’ and ‘Yes’, the song has turned the head of
many a fellow musician on the Dublin independent scene. After listening to KÎND one cannot help
but be taken in by the creativity, songwriting skill, and musical craftsmanship on display.
Fix of Dopamine is a perfect introduction to the unlimited potential KÎND has to offer.

The group followed up this single by releasing an exclusive B-side called ‘Sun’, along with its
visual accompaniment, in April. ‘Sun’ is a sprawling ambient exercise in vocal layering and
provides the perfect palette cleanser to the epic prog bombast of ‘Fix Of Dopamine’.

Since then the band has been pushing themselves to find new and exciting ways to promote
their music and create new fans while offering some great bonus content to those already
indoctrinated. This includes a blossoming YouTube presence featuring videos like ‘Journey Of
Fix Of Dopamine’, an in-depth look at the motivations and techniques behind their first single.
There is an undeniable swell of interest developing around KÎND at the moment, as the scene
waits impatiently to see what this intriguing band will do next.

As a special incentive to check out the group, KÎND is offering an exclusive listen to their
upcoming music with the brand new track ‘Stripped Away’. To get access to the song all you
need to do is buy KÎND’s music on Bandcamp or message the band directly with your email

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