Kevin Casey – Shout It Out

Motivation, drive and a sense of power! This song is filled with the courage to stand up against oppressors.


‘Shout it Out’ is the smashing new single by Dublin-based stage-rocker, Kevin Casey. This upbeat, foot-thumper has a lot of deep meaning behind it, as well as some wonderful musical nuances. 

The track bursts out of the gate with screaming electric guitar feedback, introducing us to the main catchy guitar riff. It’s boppy, optimistic, and oozes with Brit-rock/pop-punk sounds. The accompanying rhythm guitar has the right amount of distortion on it to fill out this sound.

While the song is mainly guitar-focused, other musical cues creep in and out. A subtle organ line plays in the chorus to give that big and grand sound one would get in traditional brit-rock. It adds an extra kick without making the guitars drown anything else out. The whole piece balanced quite well by the producers.

There are also many occasions where guitar licks can be heard, sometimes panning from ear to ear, but constantly adding to the rocking underground sound. The artist knows his way around a guitar and shows off much skill in this track. 

But beyond the music, there is a deeper message hidden in this song. This is a very important piece with regards to what the artist wants to portray to the audience. It tackles very difficult themes that have arisen over the last few months and beyond. The song deals with the many problems of inequality. The piece encourages the listener to use their voice against such inequalities.

“The lyrics to the song were carefully tailored to support those of us who bear the burden of being treated differently by society because of our skin colour, sexual orientation or our religious beliefs. The song boasts that it’s okay to be different but also that it’s okay to be proud of being different.”

The lyrics can resonate so much with those who have experienced inequality, but also all of the listeners who observe it and demand change. Hearing the words “Stand up, stand proud, come on and shout it out” can only remind the listener of the great Ruth Bader Ginsberg, champion of equality, who once said, “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes”. 

‘Shout It Out’ is a powerful message by Kevin Casey, wrapped up in a package of wonderful music. The single will be released on February 26th on his Spotify where you can listen to all of Kevin’s music. Make sure to follow his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date on all future releases.

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