Keefa – Easy Luv

Easy Luv is a relaxing, smokey, jazzy piece of music, built for the adventurers who also love an easy Sunday.


In contemporary music, a lot of focus can be placed on complexity bringing something new to the table. While it’s exciting to look forward to the next big sound, it’s refreshing to come across Keefa, and his debut song ‘Easy Luv’. Keefa is an independent musician who has chosen to focus on textbook music theory within his creation.


Let’s take a step back for a minute, as there are many ways to simplify music, however, it can be difficult, to do just that. It’s almost a meme now to create a song focusing on four chords (Wonderwall anyone?). Keefa, however, has done something slightly different; Jazz chords. Using seventh chords throughout, Easy Luv never feels repetitive or boring. Easy Luv sounds so jazzy, yet strips away a lot of the motifs that are associated with the genre. Using a lead guitar to break up the phases, the piece maintains a familiar structure that’s easy to follow along to. The lead makes really great, effective use of scales and intervals that make the looped chords remain fresh.

As a musician I have learned much of trade whilst I was backpacking over the past few years. I have got to where I am today by playing at cafes, hostels and street corners around the world.”

Keefa has described the song as being made for the lazy Sundays that are often too short. Listening to this piece of music, you can absolutely imagine walking into a relaxing café in some remote part of the world. One would walk in for the coffee and stay for the music.


Is there a main hook? Of course! But, where it’s often quite tempting, to keep the hook within the vocal track, Keefa decided against that and made the guitar the shining star. It really works, and the vocals almost act like a supporting role to the tune, a solid, bassy pillar. That’s no slight on Keefa’s voice as it fits the song wonderfully. The track is a masterclass on how to go beyond what’s expected, without becoming overly complex.


Easy Luv is a relaxing, smokey, jazzy piece of music, built for the adventurers who also love an easy Sunday. Keefa was not afraid to do something different. A very welcome decision. Not only would this song be an amazing introduction to the jazz genre for newcomers, it’s also a beautiful introduction to Keefa. It’s almost a shame we have only one song to listen to so far. More music is greatly anticipated.


You can find Easy Luv available to stream on Spotify. If you enjoy what you hear, make sure you follow Keefa on Facebook to stay up to date on all of his future releases. 

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