James Colohan – Time To Go


“Time To Go” is the debut single from up-and-coming artist Colohan. This single would put you in mind of the ingenious talented work from artists such as “The Script” and “Ed Sheeran”.

Galway native, James Colohan, who was born and raised in Galway City, has been playing the guitar since the sweet age of four. Prior to releasing this single Colohan has been playing in top wedding bands around Ireland. He is now emerging as an original artist and this single pays homage to his natural talent as a singer-songwriter.

It is that of a relatable love story, which fluently oozes from Colohan, of a foreseeable heartache, rocked by a crisp and sanguine melodic tune that soothes each lyric.

“Time To Go” makes for an easy-going and pleasurable listening experience with Colohan’s authentic vocal style and his way with storytelling through song, for which the Irish are admired.

His skill is evident within the single, especially while listening to the guitar and bass melody; which is enthralling and heartening enough to make you play air guitar while reminiscing of that “summer loving”.

The single is energised with captivating harmonical choruses which are complemented by a flawless and soulfully alleviating melodic passage. It is infused with all the right notes, which make it a very hot single this summer and all year round. This, in turn, makes Colohan and “Time To Go” a hefty contender against more well-known and much-loved artists for a shot at number one in the charts at home and abroad.

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