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Dublin based Nu-Metal revivalists up the ante on their new single ‘Relics’


Cell Games are a Dublin based nu-metal band based comprising of Tristan Carroll and Maximillion Foy. Debuting earlier this year with their first single ‘Lament Configuration’, the duo have been turning heads with their retro infused metal sound and thought provoking lyrics. Not to mention a never-ending string of anime, horror, and geek culture references. Demars Magazine caught up with Cell Games guitarist and producer Tristan Carroll for the scoop on their exciting sophomore offering ‘Relics’…

A two piece nu-metal band in 2021 seems like a bit of an anomaly! How did Cell Games come to be?

The first time we collaborated on anything was in 2018 when I put out the call for people to cover ‘Hybrid Theory’ all the way through for Chester Bennington’s anniversary. Doing that gig reminded us how fun it is playing nu-metal and how much people still love the genre. I had a hard drive full of riffs that I knew could be something so we tried on and off to get something going until eventually the pandemic meant we didn’t really have anything else to put our time into. We emailed demos back and forth and eventually released Lament Configuration in January after recording it complete separately from each other!

What makes the combination of yourself and your singer, Maximillion Foy, work so well together? 

I think what makes it work is that Maximillion thinks of parts and melodies that’d never even occur to me. He’s able to find something in my riffs and arrangements that I don’t even known is there and put some actual shape and direction on them.

You’re brand new single ‘Relics’ is big and bold! Can you give our readers some insight into the making of this ambitious track?

Relics actually started life as pro wrestling entrance music for a tag team called Kings Of The North. They ended up only using it a handful of times but I thought it had potential so I reworked it slightly and then Maximillion transformed it completely into an anime nu metal banger.

Your debut single ‘Lament Configuration’ earned the band some good reviews and some airplay on various Metal radio shows. We’re you happy with how that track was received? 

Lament Configuration was a great way to get people to admit they still liked nu metal! It definitely set the stage for us to put out more music and spread the word.

Both releases have been accompanied by some pretty striking artwork. Where does your inspiration come from with regards to how the band visually portrays itself?

The artwork comes courtesy of my girlfriend, Jade. Usually Maximillion will have an idea from his lyrics, or the cicada from the Lament Configuration artwork, and I’ll bring that to her and be like “the song sounds like this and we think it could look like this” and she’ll make something that really captures the whole nu metal revival aesthetic.

You seem like a group that knows what direction you’re headed in, can you give us an sneak peak into what the future holds for Cell Games?

The biggest piece of the puzzle that’s missing for the band so far is playing live, loud in a sweaty room so as soon as that’s an option we’ll be all over that. We have more music we’re excited for people to hear and it’ll be great to do that in person finally.

And finally, we noticed you guys are big anime fans so we have a burning question. Freiza, Cell, Vegeta – Kiss one, marry one, kill one! 

Maximillion is the Dragonball aficionado – I do riffs and my little bleeps and bloops – so I’ve done a cursory Google to answer this one. Kiss Cell because he looks like Mewtwo in a cool tracksuit and I’m into it. Marry Vegeta for the clout. Kill Freiza because he looks like he’s up to something and I can’t just stand by.

‘Relics’ is streaming right on Spotify and all major streaming platforms. You can keep up with Cell Games by following the band’s official Instagram page.

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