ILA – Never Be Me

A debut song full of sass and confidence for the broken hearted who need a pick-me-up.


‘Never Be Me’ is the debut single by the incredibly talented singer-songwriter ILA!

For a debut song and being such a young performer, the songwriting and lyrics are inspirational. The song seems to be about a love that has moved on to someone else. In a mature and confident way, ILA simply says that the new girl is great and all, but, “She’ll never be me”.

The song is sassy, snappy and encouraging.

Instrumentally, the tune is full, upbeat and uplifting.  Despite the heartfelt lyrics, it does put a pep in the step of the listener. Certainly in a way that’ll keep the head-bopping away.

The song leaves some room for breath, breaking off near the middle for some nice musical ornamentation, a welcome step back from the regular drumbeat. Then it comes back in, to give us our satisfying climax.

The song was produced by David Virgin, Rohan Healy and Al Quiff at Beardfire Studio, a family production team in Dublin with many years of experience. The experience absolutely shines through! The song is mixed beautifully with perfectly balanced vocals and instruments.

The production would be nothing without its substance, and the meat and potatoes of this track all come from ILA. What a wonderful breath of fresh air. It sounds poppy, but with some slight country influences. The chord progression is a staple of popular music but with some interesting sway thanks to the melody.

ILA has shown some spectacular potential with this first single. The future is looking very bright for this young, Irish star-in-the-making. Add ‘Never Be Me’ to your easy-listening playlists and enjoy!  It would be well keeping an eye out on her Instagram  and YouTube for her future project.

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