How to Make a Vision Board that Works for You

"You are not just dreaming big, you have big potential."


Now that the New Year – New Me campaigns chilled out, we can talk for real.

Hello, my name is Ana and I’m a big believer in manifesting through vision boards. However, there is a catch: you need to work for your vision.

What is a vision board? It is a visual representation of your goals and dreams, simply put.

You can imagine the future you – the more successful, happier and more accomplished you – hiring the present you to do the work that needs to be done in order for you to become what you envisioned.

I also like to visualise myself meeting people I want to meet, speaking languages I want to speak, doing things I want to become better at, travelling to places I want to see. For you it might be being in your own studio, finding the love of your life, writing your songs, exploring the world, going on tour, releasing an album, writing that dissertation, getting that house, paying off that loan – it’s completely personal.

All this is a start to making a vision board. 

Here are a few steps you should consider the following when making your vision board.

1. Fill Out the Wheel of Life

You can google ‘wheel of life’ and find one that suits you or make your own. The idea behind the wheel of life is scoring the areas of human life according to how well you feel you’re performing in those areas. The most common life areas are: family and relationships, spirituality, mental + emotional, physical + health, social, financial, career but you can add any other aspect you feel is important. I would sometimes add passion and hobbies or education. Whatever works for you.
This will help you take a step back and assess your life more clearly.
(I will attach a sample vision board you can print out or copy)

2. Visualise Your Future

I want you to see scenarios in your head. Use the five senses. Feel people recognising you on the street, feel the grip of that Sharpie while you’re giving autographs (practice autographs), imagine the moment you pay off your loan early or get that job, the feeling of celebrating a major success – let all that good energy consume you. I can vividly imagine how my clothes feel on me as I’m signing books while their scent fills the room, I know what time of year it is, what the weather is like, how many wrinkles show while I’m smiling. Drown yourself in that vision, fully and deeply believe in it.

3. Have The Right Mindset

You need to believe in your vision, nobody else does. The goals you set for yourself should be for you and you only, not to please family or friends, not to prove anything to anyone. I would try visualising for a few days before proceeding with making your vision board. It will fill you with enthusiasm and motivate you to think deeper into how you want your future to look like. Don’t be afraid of asking yourself tough questions. What are your values? What areas do you wish to work on the most? Why do you want to do what you want to do?

4. Write It Down

Writing your goals down allows you to rethink, add or remove anything before sealing everything with some tape and magazine cut-outs (if that is what works for you, but we’ll get to that later). This is also a good moment to release any fear. You are not just dreaming big, you have big potential, which means your goals and dreams are proportionate to your potential. However, you do need to put in the work. Don’t limit yourself with doubts, the worst-case scenario is some of your dreams don’t come true. There is no need to settle. Keep in mind that no-one else needs to see your vision board so there should no shame nor vanity when creating it.

5. Define, Specify + Quantify

This is where you write down what you want to do and accomplish. Last year, because my vision board mainly focused on self-healing and self-development, it mainly had terms and phrases that I attach great meaning to. Words like inner peace, clarity and purpose. This year I will be working on specific, dated, quantified and measurable goals. You can choose one or the other, depending on what you’re feeling at this moment in time and what goals you’re going to be focusing on. It can vary from releasing 4 songs before 2022. to spending 500 hours developing a skill or learning a language. Include all areas of life you want to improve.

6. Make a Vision Board

This is where it gets really personal. You can allocate a space in your journal for your vision board, or get a cheap frame and put it somewhere where you’ll see it daily. I had mine as a screensaver on both my laptop and phone – these are the two things I look at most. It reminds me of the big picture and keeps me on track. You can use magazine cut-outs, Photoshop yourself into situations you see yourself in, write goals down in massive lettering, draw your vision yourself – this is completely up to you and what you resonate with the most.


7. Work Towards Your Vision + Reflect

Now that your vision board is done, you can come back to it every so often to see how you’re doing. Make sure to put in the work and work towards your goals – you are working for the future you.

See this as one big investment – you.

Don’t feel discouraged if some of it doesn’t come true – reflect, observe what might have hindered you in your process, try your best tomorrow and repeat. Your best life comes from the work you’ve done, not the work you’re going to do.

I hope that this article finds many souls, I deeply feel we need to establish a more positive connection with the future this moment in time. We need to find our light, and currently, the biggest light we can produce is within ourselves. Build your future as you want it to be and it will come. I have no doubt you have the potential to achieve everything you work for and dare to dream of.

Until next time.

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