HALLI – Body Never Lies.

Art-pop royalty in waiting goes deep on elegant new single.


Ask any tightrope-walker for their secret and they will all tell you the same thing. The trick is not steady feet, control of one’s weight or anticipating your next step. The trick is in the balance. Not just balancing the body, but balancing what your body does. If even one variable is out of step, the odds of falling increase exponentially. Music is the same.

Over the years there have been many performers who have successfully balanced the art in music with it’s more commercial application. From Bowie to fkaTwigs and myriad in between, it’s clear that getting the fine measures just right can have spectacular results. When the collision of art and music settles in that sweet spot is when a musician can truly call themselves an artist.

Irish synthpop queen HALLI most definitely falls into this category.

Since announcing herself spectacularly in 2018 with her debut single ‘Fukc Fear’, Halli has caught the eye of many as a reveller. She has impressed as both a staple of the festival scene, and as support for well-established acts such as Hozier and Hudson Taylor.

Now, HALLI looks to expand on that success with a series of singles released throughout 2021. The first of which is the exceptional ‘Body Never Lies’.

There is almost a whimsical feel about the short, upbeat intro which signals the start of this piece. It’s a warm welcome that blends into a lucid verse on which HALLI’s reverb-drenched voice sits elegantly atop a shimmering, minimal instrumental.

The process applied to her voice serves to enhance the impact of her striking vocal performances. It’s never overpowering, and its measured application is representative of the balance I alluded to earlier. It’s a joy to behold when a singer with clear talent makes things interesting with just the right amount of slick production.

The lyrical movements HALLI passes through on this song range from thoughtful, to triumphant, to slightly mournful. The singer delivers each line with an intimate honesty as she resolves to trust her senses while encountering all the emotional peaks and troughs that are unavoidable in life. The piano motif and bright high-hats that persist throughout the song keep everything nice and light, so that even when HALLI addresses some tough subject matter the piece never veers into the melancholic territory.

‘Body Never Lies’ is the type of song that could equally conjure a tear or a smile. It resonates on an emotional wavelength that rings true and within its brisk three and a half minutes there is much comfort to be found. It’s a piece of art that is both pleasing to the eye (or ear in this case) and stands up to deeper scrutiny. An impressive balancing act for sure.

‘Body Never Lies’ is available now on Spotify. Keep up with HALLI by following her on Instagram.

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