Gavin Doyle – Colourblind

A condition that Gavin has been living with all of his life takes the foreground of this story, accompanied by some inspirational music.


Gavin Doyle is back with another spectacular single! ‘Colourblind’ is a personal story about something that Doyle has struggled with for all his life, a neurological condition known as Synesthesia. This track is incredibly heartfelt, both in its writing and its production. 

This piece is one of those songs that is very enjoyable to listen to and can be interpreted by each listener individually. It’s not until the story of the song is revealed that it unlocks a whole other meaning. Much like how Fight Club is a movie that is different the second time around, ‘Colourblind’ will give the listener drips of perspective with each repeated play. 

Synesthesia is a condition of the brain that can cause certain senses to blur together, and produce sensory phenomena. In Gavin Doyle’s case, he can hear colours. While there are many musicians who have used their synesthesia to their advantage, such as Billy Joel, Beyoncé or YouTube musician Adam Neely, it can often be quite a difficult and stressful condition to live with. Doyle’s latest track explores just that. 

“I had begun to be more open about it but I was receiving mixed responses. Some people either didn’t believe it or didn’t care and the others thought of it as this cool magical thing. The song talks about how that isn’t the case and like everything it comes with its fair share of difficulties.”

‘Colourblind’ is a very powerful song, filled with the energy that inspires greatness and promotes productivity. There is a wonderful synergy felt between the artist and the producer, Liam Geddes, who appears to have painted the musical canvas with all of the perfect motifs to illustrate Doyle’s experience. 

Gavin’s vocal performance is impeccable, as always, shining ever so brightly in the foreground. The main hook is energetic and bounces perfectly off the accompaniment. The song features some great synth sounds in its accompaniment, utilising 8th notes on the higher levels and single notes on the bass. The drums vary their groove too, alternating the snare hits between off-beats and on-beats. These subtle complexities are the details that allow this tune to stand out so much. There are even some flairs of techno in the background that fit in oddly well. 

‘Colourblind’ is a song that inspires and promotes the knowledge of this particular condition. It’s a song with an important message but does not lose the quality of musicality in the telling. 

‘Colourblind’ will be released on the 16th of April and can be heard on Spotify. Please consider following Gavin Doyle on Facebook for further updates on all future releases. 

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