Fruitz – Daydream

Dublin Indie-rockers take on the intricacies of love gone bad on impressive latest single.


Hindsight is 2020. Maybe we are better equipped to see it from our 2021 vantage point but one thing is for sure; it’s never been so clear that there is something so beautiful about a great live band. A band that gets lost in the moment. A band who are as capable of melting a crowds heart with charm, as they are with their music. Fruitz are one of those bands. The type of outfit that makes the closing down of the live circuit hurt like hell.

Like many of their peers, the pandemic has forced the group to take a break from a hot streak of brilliantly received shows at exalted indie alters like Whelan’s and Liverpool’s Zanzibar. It is the first time the band has had a chance to pause since making a name for themselves as a young group in 2017, a name that was swiftly signed to renowned indie label ‘Scruff Of The Neck’.

It’s groups like this though, that give us gig-going revellers hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Once venues get the all-clear, and that first trusty chord rings out, Fruitz will undoubtedly pick up right where they left off.

As they lie in wait like a coiled cobra ready to strike, it’s a great time to catch up on the tunes that have made this band a hot commodity on the Irish and International circuit. They have released four brilliant singles thus far starting with their hard-hitting debut ‘Knotz’ in 2018, but today I’ll be taking a closer look at their latest single before lockdown ‘daydream’.

A dark, brooding bassline from Adam Whelehan kicks off proceedings accompanied by a menacing drumbeat, which pounds away ominously and deliberately like thunder clouds forming overhead. It’s tense, tightly wound and a perfectly atmospheric backdrop for the voice of James Keegan, whose vocals ring out as distinctly like someone shouting into the abyss.

Daydream is a heartbroken tale of the awkward transitions we go through in life once a relationships break down, and the tender strings that keep people tethered to their ex. The lyrics ring true, and Keegan articulates them perfectly with a distinctly mournful tone.

The tumultuous feelings mounting within the singer resonates with Jacqueline Campions rumbling drums as we drive towards the emotional outburst of the chorus and the song reveals it’s confident indie-rock sway. Passive longing gives way to anger and veiled aggression as jagged chords come fast and choppy from Keegan and co-guitarist Jamie Bond. It’s loud and glorious and rings as true as love itself before retreating back to the pensive inner thought of the verse, albeit this time with fists clenched a little tighter.

As we progress to the song emotions and temperament fray even further, resulting in a second refrain and guitar solo that propels this song into the anthemic territory. The passion in Keegan’s voice as cathartic as the titular daydream.

It’s a stunning song that stands shoulder to shoulder with their best songs, like the excellent U & I and the stomping Knotz. The production, the confident delivery and the musical identity that Fruitz are creating for themselves, absolutely scream of a band at the beginning of a very special run.

Sure they may have been forced into slowing down for the time being, but just remember, in any race the winner usually waits for the right moment to storm past the competition and on to glory.

Check out Fruitz on Spotify and join their growing fanbase on Instagram.

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