Fly The Nest – Old Street Lover

Stephen Cooper looks to ruffle some feathers with thumping new single.


Stephen Cooper is a Dublin native whose musical journey has seen him come and go between Ireland and Scandinavia, mainly writing songs and music for film and television.

Having paid his dues as a member of various bands over the years, Stephen began ‘Fly the Nest’ as a means to stay true to his own creative vision. A solo project in the truest sense of the word, Fly the nest has earned substantial critical praise and radio play with a string of fine singles including ‘Be Mine’, ‘Borrowed Time’, and ‘Animal’.

Now stretching his wings for the first time in 2021, Fly The Nest returns with a fresh reminder of his numerous talents on the ferocious new single ‘Old Street Lover’.

We are welcomed to the track by pulsing guitars and pounding drums. Firing out of the barrel at breakneck speed, this thunderous bluster is joined by Cooper’s fervent vocal. Fly The Nest wears his heart on his sleeve as he laments about a doomed relationship. As intense as that sounds, the song brightly punches into a hopeful refrain that begs to be played in front of a heaving live audience.  As the rousing chorus kicks in with its battle cry of ‘You’ve got it! You’ve got it! You’ve got it’ we are clearly entering “anthemic territory”.

The middle eight slows proceedings, giving a much-appreciated breather as well as some lyrical meat to the bone before temperatures reach fever pitch. A rapturous sustained high note followed by a cacophonous final clash of instruments puts a neat bow on what has been a hair raising few minutes.

“This song is about having a connection with someone that’s ultimately lost,” says Cooper “Though it hurts to see it end, you really do wish them the best and hope they find what they’re looking for.”

‘Old Street Lover’ sees Fly The Nest assert the position that he is a true rock star on the Irish Scene, truth be told, it looks good on him and elevates him above acts that play the sensitive card. Everything that Stephen Cooper releases have a genuine set of lyrics and an emotional heart at its core, key ingredients in rock music that connects on a level beyond mere pomp. Cooper presents himself as an unmissable artist and his self-belief makes the audience believe too.

Fly The Nest is an act that possesses all the tools needed to make a very distinct impression on the Irish music scene and beyond. 2021 is shaping up to be the year this artist soars higher than ever.

‘Old Street Lover’ is out now on Spotify.
You can keep up with Fly The Nest on Instagram.

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