Emiji feat. Hvmming Bird – Larimar

Neo-classical mastermind steps into the light on haunting new single.


Emiji is a neo-classical composer whose fingerprints are all over some of the brightest prospects in modern Irish music. His striking production for acts like Soulè and Mango X Mathman has seen him earn a reputation as a man who knows how to create pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and technically astute. He can be found applying his trade as a producer and engineer at Diffusion Lab, the Dublin based production lab that he co-owns.

As evident from his production work, it’s clear that Emiji has a deep well of creativity to draw from. So it’s no surprise that he is also a prolific artist himself. A brief sojourn at Emiji’s Spotify or Bandcamp page reveals a host of wonderfully realised neo-classical pieces waiting to be consumed. The quality of these works are consistent with the skills of such a renowned producer, but the imagination and vision at play here are indicative of a master composer.

Emiji now looks to build on his impressive back catalogue with his first single of 2021 ‘Larimar’, featuring Dublin electro-pop duo Hvmmingbird.

“Knowing your dark side is knowing your light” Emiji explains of the track’s inspiration, “It’s a reference to Jung’s shadow that I work on to integrate, knowing I’m not perfect and that I have a dark side that I can understand. This makes peace inside of me and allows me to be a happier human being”.

‘Larimar’ starts off by an establishing a delicate and lucid dreamscape, where glistening strings intermingle with a ghostly vocal motif.

Its epic cinematic splendour is heightened further by the haunting, angelic tones of Hvmmingbird delivering the songs main vocal. Their voices dance atop the piece’s central piano motif, conjuring up images of Scandinavian sojourns or Tolkien inspired forests.

Rising strings and driving percussion spur on impassioned words as the piece builds to its epic crescendo before descending back down elegantly and gently. The come-down after the song’s emotional peak leaves the listener with space to contemplate and savour the emotional journey we have undertaken.

‘Larimar’ is a beautifully made slice of modern classical music. The loving craftsmanship, emotional resonance and the vast musical landscape created by Emiji, are truly something to behold.

According to the composer, 2021 will see him release a full album of his work.
On the strength of ‘Larimar’, it will surely be one of this year’s most anticipated releases.

Discover Emiji on Spotify or via his official website.

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