Elina Filice – Let’s Get Lost

Canadian singer-songwriter melts our hearts with brilliant Pride Month single.


Elina Filice has developed a genre-defying sound that reflects the sum of her travels and experiences. Living between Dublin and Canada, via Singapore, this is an artist who specialises in deep lyrics which evoke a natural response from those who hear her words.

Anyone who has been to one of her live shows will know that Filice embraces the connection between the artist and the audience, and uses that platform to both entertain and also educate. The ‘Red Vine Records’ founder is a strong advocate for queer rights and visibility and regards music as a powerful tool for the queer community. In other words, Elina knows herself and knows her audience. “If I’m writing a queer anthem,” she says “it’s gonna have to be a little Gay”.

Elina’s latest single ‘Let’s Get Lost, is a breezy, up-tempo, summer bop that celebrates youthful innocence, and the inherent beauty of two people coming together. No matter your race, gender, or sexual identity, pride month is a time to celebrate life and love, and to that end, Elina has composed the perfect accompaniment. This is a song that just screams ‘Pride’.

Elina says, “This song was written while reflecting on my own coming out experience. It’s such a unique and painful time, and those first feelings of queer love are so transformative. After dating the wrong gender you’re finally feeling something that feels right to you, things you’ve never felt for another person. At the exact same time, you’re realizing who you are. It really is finding yourself through loving someone else, which is why for the queer identity, who we love and who we are are inextricably intertwined.”

The shedding of trepidation in favour of exploration and affirmation can be heard in Elina’s uplifting performance on this track. There is a joyous quality to Elina’s voice that just cannot be manufactured, the joy every lgbtq+ person cannot help but feel at this time of year. Calling back to the work of a young Nelly Furtado, Elina sings with a wild abandon that immediately adds spice to the broth. Elina’s expressive lyrics are well represented here, no surprise for an artist who has set a precedence for luscious words that come straight from the heart.

‘Let’s Get Lost’ represents a slight change of direction for Filice, moving away from the chilled out tones and spoken word suave of her previous efforts in favour of sugary, vibrant synth-pop. Propelled by a delicious disco groove, the track (produced by Viscose) is punctuated by some gorgeous rhythmic guitar playing that harkens to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in their more pop-driven moments. The track sits together beautifully and ticks every box that a pride anthem should tick.

‘Let’s Get Lost’ is a timely reminder of why Pride month is so important. As well as the obvious connotations for the queer community, it’s a call to embrace your own truth and a celebration of the self. After all the pandemic trauma of the last year, getting lost in everything pride stands for is some great advice.

You can stream ‘Let’s Get Lost’ on Spotify right now. For more info on Elina Filice, check out her official Instagram.

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