Elina Filice – Everything About You (feat. Neolithic)

These artists highlight the importance of seeing all the positivity in relationships and beyond. It will make you smile!


Elina Filice has returned for her third release this year, titled ‘Everything About You’ and features the incredibly talented Neolithic. Both Elina and Neolithic have an absolute blast in this feel-good song about relationships. Listeners will be right there with them, sharing in positivity and optimism. 

From the time you hit play, the boppy, shining beat already sets the scene, feeling like summer and ice cream. The music is choc-full of groovy guitar licks and fat bass runs. It’s almost possible to feel the heat of the sunshine through this song. 

And how can one not have a smile on their face for the duration of this track? In a world of much-needed positivity, it’s incredibly heartwarming to hear the lyrics “Everything about you is my favourite thing about you, baby.” The artists knew exactly what they were doing in the creation of this piece and I applaud them immensely for it. The lyrics paired with such a funky, soulful musical performance makes it a perfect representation of happiness. 

The song is about the good parts that should always be highlighted within relationships, even when times get rough. Describing the story behind the song, Filice had this to say:

“This song is about when love gets hard. It’s realizing that love goes through seasons, and even the less shiny things about someone or a relationship are still your favourite parts. All of the imperfections make up a perfect whole.”

Both Elina and Neolithic deliver vocal performances that show off a unique conversational style of delivery. It’s not quite melodic, and not quite rap, but falls at the perfect balance point between the two. Layered vocals give it such an amazing sound. Credit must be given to both Elina and Zachary MacPherson, both of whom are credited as producers of the track. The keen ear of the production team has shown off the talented gifts to show push forward all of the strengths and uniqueness to the sounds in the piece. 

The instrumentation is also clearly played and performed, full of energy, and has a human feel to it. Reggae and funk are blended together and each musician clearly put a lot of heart into their performances. The outro layers some beautifully arranged vocals and ends on ad-libbed lines by both vocalists. 

To kick-start your week with incredibly positive vibes, check out this brand new song on Spotify. And be sure to support Elina Filice on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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