Dubh Lee – When This All Is Over

Dubh Lee returns with stirring message of hope on new music video.


Sometimes it’s really difficult to believe that Dubh Lee has only been around since 2018. Take a listen to songs like ‘Carousel’, and you might easily assume that this is an artist that has spent a life time on the road. She has wisdom in her voice, she is an exquisitly skilled guitarist, and she has an amazing ability to write lyrics that come off the spool like silk thread.

Before lockdown temporarily halted the Irish music industry, Dubh was working ceaselessly to leave her mark on gig-goers all over the country. She was a highlight at festivals like Electric Picnic, as well as opening for established acts like Jack Lukeman and Bagatelle. Even after the dawn of covid, Dubh found ways and means to get her wonderful sound to the masses via online events like the Transmissiom Festival.

Now Dubh Lee gives us a preview of her upcoming EP with her beautiful new song and music video “When This All Is Over”.

Dubh starts out the track with some nourishing fingerpicking, the type of playing that immediately catches the ear with its warm tone and elegant fluidity. The song is nostalgically reminiscent of the folk sounds of the 60s and artists like Pete Segar, or Cat Stevens. Its simple construction serves to highlight a very direct meaning – in this case, a message of hope.

The classic structure of the song also serves to highlight some wonderful movement between chords. There is tender emotion in Dubh Lee’s guitar playing, not unlike legends like Lindsey Buckingham or Paul Simon, who can literally tell stories with their fingers. Anyone who is already familiar with Dubh’s work will know that she is no slouch when it comes to hot licks and bluesy progressions. Songs like ‘When This All Is Over’ add another element to her ever-growing skill set.

The track is a poignant ode to the things we have missed the most over the course of this ever-present pandemic. However, rather than setting a lamenting mood, Dubh Lee is full of joy and expectation as she knows in her heart that this hardship is temporary. With unfaltering conviction in her voice, Dubh somehow manages to clear away the dark clouds.

“This song was written during the second lockdown in 2020 and it’s about looking forward to all the joyful things we’ll do when we can come together again, hopefully, sooner rather than later,” says Dubh. ” I’m putting the song out into the world now because I think now is the time we need our spirits lifted the most. I remember seeing a lot of artists releasing songs about isolation and fear last year, there was plenty of inspiration to be had around those topics. I wanted to write something to encourage people to keep their chins up, something with a Here Comes the Sun vibe to it. I also drew inspiration from Simon and Garfunkel in terms of the layered, finger-picked guitar work”.

Dubh ends this beautifully realised piece by gifting us an image of a jovial bar with her on stage, indulging an adoring crowd in her passion. She is joined by an ethereal choir which adds an almost religious element to the imagery and adds real emotional gravitas to the words.

‘When This All Is Over’ is a warm, comforting and genuinely soul-stirring song. The accompanying music video is haunting in its simplicity and is the perfect visual companion to this majestic piece of music.

Over the course of the last year, I’ve reviewed quite a few songs that attempt to put a bow on this lockdown experience. I don’t think any of them have left an impression on me like this beautiful track by Dubh Lee. When this all Is over I can’t wait to see her play it live and revel in the beauty of all the little things we used to take for granted.

You can watch the Music Video for ‘When All This Is Over’ at the link below. Keep up with Dubh Lee via her official Instagram.

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