Devin Reardon – Ireland Song

Home is where the heart is for Irish-American balladeer on debut single.


Devin Reardon has seen his fair share of upheaval in the past couple of years. Along with the shared global trauma of the Covid-19 crisis, Devin has had to realign himself to cope with various changes occurring in his own life. “I had a bad break-up after college,” says the promising young folk artist “I felt I needed to get out of the States and start over.” With the hope of a new beginning in his heart, Reardon came back to Ireland in preparation for the next phase of his journey. However, that hope was soon doused by the aforementioned pandemic, forcing Devin to realign once more.

“It was hard. But it also helped me realise songwriting was a way for me to manage my mental health, and reflect. It became a beautiful experience for me.” Now Devin has channeled that beautiful experience into his debut single ‘Ireland Song’, a sampling of his upcoming EP “The Untangling of Things”.

Reardon began the creative process by rediscovering the topography of his hometown of Arklow, amassing a catalog of sounds. From birdsong to the random flourishes that caught his ear, these recordings were used to thicken the broth and create a dreamy instrumental that perfectly captures the lonely majesty of the Irish landscape.

The track is atmospheric and inquisitive right from the start, with soft guitar playing that harkens to the gentle mystery of the Irish coastline and its frothy swells. Devin’s voice glides in with the utmost grace, like a ‘gul landing on a rock. There is an intimate and welcoming quality to his lyrics which is matched by the homely tones of his vocal performance.

Harmonic swells lift up our spirits as we convene with Devin and listen intently to his story. “The song really just wants to wrap you in a blanket of calm,” Reardon says. “That’s how I feel it’s been moving back in with my family in Ireland.”

Strong themes of family and friendship shape the narrative of ‘Ireland Song’. It’s quite admirable that against a backdrop of worldwide unrest Devin has been able to shine a light on all that is good in life. His cheerfulness and optimism are infectious. “People always need more positivity,” Reardon asserts. “I just want to make some art out of this madness, these strange days, and try to find and share the beauty in them. I think this song does that.”

‘Ireland Song’ is A deeply moving track that is sure to win over the hearts of listeners with its honesty, positive message, and its author’s authentic charm. It’s never an easy decision to uproot and come home, but It is a decision that has reaped some real creative rewards for this talented artist.

‘Ireland Song’ is available now on Spotify. You can keep up with Devin via his official Instagram page.

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